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3rd M.A.C.O's are Now Recruiting
The 3rd M.A.C.O's are Now Recruiting!

We are a friendly fleet, where almost anyone can find a useful role! We believe that by actively assisting each other we can develop the Fleet into one of the best! (Add Appropriate Disclaimer Here! Lol). You will always find somebody willing to help out whether it be with Difficult Missions or Ship/Character Building! We only ask one thing from all members and that is that they are courteous and treat everyone with the same respect that they would like themselves!


The 3rd M.A.C.O's Sole purpose is to defend the Federation from those who threaten its borders! When the situation is Impossible, when the enemies numbers are vastly superior and when the very Future of the Federation and its Allies is at stake, Starfleet Send us in! That is where you will find the 3rd M.A.C.O's doing what we do best, Destroying the Enemy! If you believe you have what it takes to go the Distance, To stare Evil in the face and Never Flinch, to claim victory from the Jaws of Defeat then submit an application! Maybe, just Maybe we can make soldiers out of You Yet!!


The 3rd M.A.C.O's were set up in the 2150's in response to disturbing news coming back from Captain Jonathan Archer Aboard the Enterprise NX-01. Initially not a part of Starfleet, M.A.C.O tactics and Equipment was considered to be advanced by several years. It was a detachment from the 3rd M.A.C.O's that served Aboard the Enterprise during its extended visit to the Delphic Expanse and these troops were crucial to that missions Success.

Information regarding the 3rd's deployment and missions over the next 250 years was Classified! However that has now come to an end and it has now become clear that the 3rd M.A.C.O's were used in every major Conflict that the federation has been involved in! From The Xindi Threat to The battles of Chin'toka and onwards the 3rd M.A.C.O's have been there, have remained victorious and have carried on no matter how Dire the Situation! It is for this reason that Starfleet has Reactivated the 3rd M.A.C.O's!

Its time to get the Job Done!

See you out there!

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known as KBol or TPal etc etc is maybe even hacked account but definitely he is thief and lier. watch your fleet banks folks

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