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Tactical escort refit help
Hello, I'm VA tactical and I've got the tactical escort refit

It has four forward heavy anti-proton cannons, borg deflector, borg shield, borg engines, aft set up is two anti-proton beam arrays and a chron torpedo

Sorry if this is a newb post, I'm quite happy with the fire power but I'm really struggling to keep my shields up they seem to drain so fast, I don't expect much from my escort shield wise I know it can be very HIT AND RUN but it must be able to perform better than this I would really like to know if anyone has any suggestions from more experienced players?

Note I do have the standard abilities for healing them, but it's how quick I need to rely on them abilities what shock me I was hoping the escort would take a bigger beating

tactical team II, transfer shield strength I, emergency power to shields I, reverse shield polarity I

consoles are

eng: 3 x flow reg (rare), sci 2 x biofunction monitor (rare), tac cloaking device, antimatter spread, borg console, anti-proton regulator

I really value anyone who takes the time to make any suggestions on how I can improve my shields, would also REALLY value recommended abilities, consoles, and any other suggestions

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Also, sorry if there's already posts on this : ) I'm a sucker for forum searching!

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For an Escort it's important to keep moving more than anything. Keep using your high turn rate to put the strongest shield facing between you and your attacker.

Drop Tactical Team 2 for Tactical Team 1(even get two copies of that). Tactical Team doesn't heal your shields but it distributes them very efficiently to the facing under fire. The redistribution is just as effective at tier 1 as it is at tier 3 so using a higher version is wasting a lot of potential.

Get EPtS1 and EPtS2 for more constantly power levels and higher resistance. They can be chained constantly which is very nice.

Otherwise, check these threads out. They are great!

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Eng: Cloak, Borg Console, EPS Relay (or an RCS instead)
Sci: 2x Field Generators
Tact: 4x Antirpoton Mag Regulators

Eng BOff: Emergency to Shields 1, Emergency to Shields 2
Sci: Hazard Emitters 1, Transfer Shield Strength 2
Tact, have two Tactical Team 1's. Anything higher is a waste.

Duty Officers:
3x Shield Distribution Officers

That should be a start.

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