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Gemini Fleet Command Fun/Casual/Roleplay
Gemini Fleet Command is casual Roleplaying fleet with an increasingly active member base. We accept Captains from the all over the globe from any time zone, any country, any race. We have multiple members participating in Fleet STF's and some up and comers. We are open to playings of all ranks, skills and experience.

Gemini Fleet Command has been around since 2006 in the Star Trek Gaming community. We have a long a proud history and are still around despite tough times.

Gemini Fleet Command has a mature forum available so that we can discuss and plan our fleet events in a flexible friendly environment. Our forums also have Forum Based rolepalying available but not required.

We have Teamspeak 3 (or alternative voice chat servers available if the need arises) available to all member to aid in mission chat and quick orders, but it is not a requirement.

If you are looking for a fun and growing fleet, PM me or mail me in game at @Aussie1

"Courage is not defined by those who fought and did not fall. It is defined by those who fought, fell, and rose again."

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Gemini Fleet Website


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Gemini Fleet Command is recruiting now!

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Bumping, you know why ;)

Archived Post 04-10-2012 07:34 PM

I have 3 questions about yer fleet.

1. Are you an Aussie?
2. Is your fleet fun (as Aussies always are)?
3. Do you like pwning STFs and elite mission replays?

If so, I'm in. I live not far from Oz, too so that's a bonus I guess :P

Chat me up sometime - I'm @carmenara

ps. Aussies ftw

Archived Post 04-12-2012 01:02 AM


My apologies for not replying earlier, been knocked about by a tummy bug.

1. Yes, I am an Aussie
2. Everyones definition of fun is different, but I try to make it enjoyable for everyone, I don't take the game too seriously and love friendly banter. If that meets at least some of your definition of fun , then yes.
3. We are working up to "pwning" STF's, as we are rebuilding we have a few members (some new to the game) reaching STF level and therfore working on our tactics for STF's, ultimately we have the goal of pwning elite STF's. Additionally replaying missions isn't on our agenda ATM, but it may be as we gain more experience and members.


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You can also follow us on twitter


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Gemini Fleet is want's you!

Archived Post 04-18-2012 10:31 PM

So what does Gemini Fleet Command offer that the big fleets don't. Small Community based fleet where you won't be lost in the crowd. You will get friendly advice and assistance from all fleet members and an fun casual environment to do it all in.

We are a small fleet, but that is what makes us different.

PM me or catch up with me in game.

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