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Archived Post 04-05-2012 05:56 AM

Doff Assignment Slots/Credits In C-Store
Cryptic oh Cryptic

Do you plan to sell assignment slots in the c-store? (I would obviously buy)

I understand that a limit is needed but how about a secondary limit of say 30? I could really do with 10 more which would help to make use of 100 doffs on roster.

100 doffs divided by an average of 3 doffs per assignment is about 33 assignments.

What happens when we have invested in 20-30 purple doffs and 50 blues but were not really using a lot of them. Won't that signal to players to slow down their ambition on improving their crew, a negative thing?

I have 10 purples and about 20 blues, rest green, no whites. On just 1 of 8 characters.

Are you planning for players who get their doff to that sort of level?

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