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Archived Post 04-05-2012 12:56 PM

Diplomacy Assignments still rare, apparently unchanged since before patch
Sector and First Officer/Diplomatic Shipboard are still drawing from totally distinct lists of assignments. As the shipboard list contains the common grindables, and only resets every 20h, this means that diplomacy assignments are still relatively rare.

There are 2 distinct lists as follows

First Officer/Diplomacy Shipboard Assignments:
-All 'Receive {species} Dignitaries' assignments
-All "Diplomatic Correspondence" assignments
-Entertain Foreign Dignitaries

Sector Assignments
-Contraband Trafficking
-Refugee Conditions
-Escort Envoy
-various Talks missions
-various Assess missions (Assess Economic Conditions, etc...)

These aren't meant to be a complete listing (although its pretty complete). Anything i haven't mentioned probably shows up in sector space.

From the current sector cycle alone, i've observed 60 instances of Diplomatic assignments

35 Shipboard
25 Sector

I also got partial data on 2 other persons' shipboards:

23 Shipboard

(One other person reported no exceptions to my hypothesis but did not give me hard numbers to work with.)

Total dataset (so far): 58 Shipboard, 25 Sector; 83 total

From this dataset not a single assignment type appeared in both shipboard and sector lists. The odds of that happening if they're drawing from the same list are incredibly small (p = 9.24 * 10^-22, Fischer's Exact Test).

Whether the reality of the code is two distinct lists, or disjoint filters for shipboard and sector with regards to diplomatic mission, the outcome is the same - the lists we see for sector and shipboard diplomatic missions are totally distinct.

Many of the short grindable common diplo assignments are now shipboard, and thus only cycle once per 20h. This substantially reduces the number of available grindable diplo assignments, and thus the general availability of diplo cxp. These also account for most of the *common* diplomacy assignments, leaving uncommon and rare assignments to populate sector space. Which explains the rather low total number of diplomacy assignments *in the entire galaxy* for a single cycle (only 25 observed, some of which are repeats that showed up in multiple sectors).

In short, it makes diplomacy assignments rare on a per day basis.

Patch notes said unintentional rarity of diplo assignments was fixed. AFAICT, the root cause of diplo assignments being rare has not been touched, and they are still as rare as they were before the patch.

1x Adjucate Asylum Request
2x Escort Courier to the Federation Embassy on Qo'noS

All of these were found in Shipboard lists. They are exceptions only insofar as i did not predict they would be found there. I actually made _no specific prediction_ about these assignments, and have no data whatsoever that places them in Sector (yet). So they don't actually contradict the general hypothesis that there are two lists, and should be interpreted to form part of the uniquely shipboard assignment list until data which contradicts that is discovered.

I'll be collecting more sector data and update my findings to the limits of computational power (at which point i'll have to switch to a Chi-squared instead of Fischer's Exact).

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