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Archived Post 04-05-2012 03:14 PM

DoFF Ideas - Mission Rewards, etc.
Here's some ideas I had today, thinking about various DOFF missions in the game and how they could be improved.

1. Collect Arifacts >> There are A TON of [EXP] "Do Something" to Artifacts "Somewhere" missions. Per @Heretic, the many variations are not tied to specific data samples, so the 20 and 10 they reward is completely random. My thought on the matter is though, if they aren't tied to anything specific, what is the point of having a bunch of different missions clogging up the database? I'd hope to see this happen soon, and with Heretic saying its a good idea, I think we just might.

2. Mission Rewards >> Back in the early days of the DoFF system, the mission slotting UI would give you a nice picture of the item you could expect from the mission, along with its name in the tooltip. These days, we just get "special item," which, in the case of DoFFs and BoFFs, aren't even technically items, not to mention the term being as unspecific as possible. I understand that some of them you can't say with specificity, but since the majority of missions are tied to specific rewards, could we please get back the pictures and names so we know exactly what to expect?

3. KDF Shuttle Authorizations >> I looged in to my KDF toon today and picked up a mission called "Authorize Shuttle to Return with Fresh Gagh." I know its a small thing, but wouldn't it make a whole lot of sense for the "Authorize Shuttle" missions to actually give you the item you're authorizing them to bring back? Especially when you consider that the CXP reward for them is pretty low (52, really? When the Common 30 min Confiscate mission gets me twice that), they're Uncommon rarity, and you have to actually PAY EC to do the mission, it seems to me that that should have been the intended design at some point and somebody forgot to finish hooking it up.

Thanks for listening. I know this post is long, but I know details are good from a developer perspective.

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