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Archived Post 04-08-2012 06:21 PM

B'rel build advice
Since the B'rel was on sale, I figured I'd pick it up and try it out. So far I've come up with a semi-decent PvE/PvP build. Overall the build is designed for one massive alpha strike to instantly destroy a target. However, sometimes it works perfectly and vaporizes them almost instantly and other times it does almost no damage.

Fore weps:
Borg AP Dual Heavys x2
Borg Quantum

Aft weps:
Borg AP turrent
(All weps are MK XII)

Deflector: KHG MK XI
Shield: KHG MK XII
Engine: KHG MK XI

Devices: Subspace Field modulator, Shields Battery

Tac consoles: MK XI AP consoles, x2 uncommon and one rare
Sci consoles: Plasmonic Leech, Impulse Capacitance Cell, Assim module.
Eng consoles: MK XI rare EPS transfer x2, MK XI Rare RCS console.

Cmdr Uni: TT 1, CRF 1, THY3, APO 3
LtCmdr Uni: TT 1, CRF 1, BO 3
Lt Uni: EP2E, RSP
Lt Uni: TB1, HE 2

Weps: 124/90
Shields: 77/60
Engines: 37/25
Aux: 47/25

Tac capt btw.

I know the B'rel is normally used as a torpedo boat, but I don't feel like grinding 120k dilithium for minor stat boosts. And I enjoy the Enhanced Battle Cloak as well as the way it looks with the KHG shields.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

Archived Post 04-09-2012 01:39 AM

I recently bought the same (sadly before the sale) and have tried multiple setup's the 2 below seemto work out best for me.

1. With Quantums.

TT1, APD1, HY3, CRF3. Swap HY,CRF for torpedo spread and cannon scatter volley for AoE.
HY1, CRF1, APO1.
EPTS1, ATSIF1. Or macro EPTS1, EPTS2 to keep buff rolling on self.

2. With DBB.

TT1, CRF1, BO3, APO3. Swap to BO2, CRF2 if beam3 not available.
TT1, CRF1, BO3.
HE1, TSS2.

The above buids serve me well in both PVE and PVP, but I would reccomend sticking to either torps or dbb - using both tends to lower my dps. I have also had some success using neither and just sticking to ll cannons. Bio-n in the rear is the icing on the cake, I would leave this in regardless if you go with beams.

I'm sure there are more experienced players who will give better advice - I found the below link to be full of great advice along with builds for engs and science (youve bought it,may as well try it out with all classes).

There is also a great discussion on torpedo boats (which I am yet to get any sucess with).

Hope this helps.

Archived Post 04-09-2012 03:02 AM

I don't want my BoP as a giant escort. I have a DBB and a quantum for the crazy damage the do when buffed. While my DPS is lower, when I nail a target it's game over. I just seem to be doing less nailing and more denting.

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