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Propsal: Department Roster (Sickbay/Engine Room/Security)
Department Roster Propsal (for Heretic):

for the record:
those are all just ideas/examples, if this would really happen it would be the DEV's Job to work out the Details, so please no hair splitting about any of the details, thx, i just want to pitch a general idea here.

The Active Roster with the ground / space powers got me thinking!
Why not make a Roster (or 3?) that helps INSIDE the DOff System, instead of outside of it?

my first idea was a Sickbay Roster, because i keep seeing this Sickbay assignment,
and i keep thinking: how cool would it be if i could Slot a Doctor in my Sickbay that influences the outcomes of that Sickbay Assignment?

Sickbay Roster:
5 Slots:

1 Doctor
2 Nurses / Medics
1 Counselor

On Fail or Disaster, Duty Officers go to Sickbay.

Step 1: give that Sickbay Assignment a chance to FAIL, so that Green, Blue and Purple DOffs CAN die.
(at some point we need a way for Purple DOffs to get out of the system or everyone will have a full set of Purples with no chance to loose them).

Step 2: also White DOffs have to go to sickbay isntead of instant death. (possibly depending on assignment).

What does it DO?

The Quality of the slotted DOffs inside youe Sickbay Roster has 2 results:

#1 it decreases time spend in Sickbay for your DOffs (i leave the details how the math works to Heretic ^^ ),
#2 it decrease the chance of DOff-Death to (almost) none, depending on Quality of the slotted Doctors, and the Patients.

Basically this introduces a way out of the System for high quality DOffs (in the end it would be super rare to loose a purple DOff, and it should hurt like the death of Tasha Yar or Jadzia Dax) and adds a bit more micro management INSIDE the DOff System by reducing Sickbay Time.


if we have a Sickbay Roster, thats cool, but if SCI Players have to slot some good DOffs in there (which makes it harder to decide if you want them in your Active Roster or in your Sickbay)
...what about Engineers and Tactical Characters?

Engine Room / Operations Roster:
5 Slots:

1 Warp Core Engineer / Warp Theorist / Matter Antimatter Specialist
1 Technician / Systems Engineer / Maintenance Engineer
1 Tractor Beam Officer / Sensors Officer
1 Hazard Systems Officer / Diagnostic Engineer / Fabrication Engineer
1 Damage Control Engineer (EMH)

Security Roster:
5 Slots:

1 Security Officer / Assault Squad Officer
1 Armory Officer
1 Projectile Weapons Officer / Energy Weapons Officer / Shield Disribution Officer
1 Explosives Expert
1 Assault Squad Officer-EMH

i don't have any awesome idea what to do with them, because there is nothing like a Sickbay Assignment for TAC/ENG

BUT i have a general idea that can be applied to all 3 of them.
% increase of the numerics recieved through the DOff System in the particular assignment types.
that includes Dilithium, CXP, XP, BOff XP, EC...
maybe a higher recieved numbers of comodities / anomalies?

Sickbay -> increases Medical rewards
Engine Room Roster -> Engineering rewards
Security Roster -> Military rewards

think of it as an CXP boost that requires you to slot the best DOffs you have, of course you can't send those DOffs on assignments while they are slotted so it's a give and take and requires you to get MORE good DOffs to get the best results out of it.

they could all increase the numerics or duration of the 1hr Space / Ground BUffs from the Personal Tab assignments (with the green text).

Later there could be new assignments that require you to have a certain overall Quality of DOffs slotted in one roster or all of them to start / see certain Assignments.

once you get started with this idea there is major feature creep....
i better stop now before the text gets any longer :rolleyes:

so there is my idea, do with it what you want :o

Archived Post 04-09-2012 11:22 AM

Some really interesting ideas in there.

One thing we've wanted for a while is ways to influence the meta-mechanics of assignments, such as assignment durations, etc. with traits and buffs.

Archived Post 04-09-2012 12:01 PM

While I am not as eager to lose my Purple doffs as Zero, :) I do like the idea of having a chief officer in each field -- but wouldn't this be more properly addressed by the Boffs we have assigned as department heads? Answering my own question, I suspect that the engine isn't designed to perform that function.

Archived Post 04-09-2012 01:44 PM

I love this idea and hope Heretic fleshes it out a some point. I didnt know that Purple Doffs couldn't die. I always assumed that every DOFF had a chance to die but a lower chance for purples because they increase success more.

Archived Post 04-09-2012 07:30 PM

*cringe* oh boy... :o
touching the durations could seriously screw up our DOfftTrekker
i hope if that happens the math is not to random, then we might be able to adept to such a change...

anyway glad you like the ideas :)

Archived Post 04-10-2012 04:17 AM


Originally Posted by stevieboysw (Post 4150255)
I love this idea and hope Heretic fleshes it out a some point. I didnt know that Purple Doffs couldn't die. I always assumed that every DOFF had a chance to die but a lower chance for purples because they increase success more.

Yeah, a lot of people would get pretty torqued over losing a purple, especially if they'd only just gotten it. It's a lot of work and resources to collect them.

Which is why Cryptic decided that only white DO's die on assignment and the others go to Sickbay.

It's quite enough that they're temporarily lost to Sickbay. All that would be needed is to increase the duration of Sickbay without slotting of a Doctor accordingly. If they're out for a whole week normally, that's plenty of reason to slot Doctors and Nurses in Sickbay (or whatever mechanism makes sense).

Archived Post 04-10-2012 05:36 AM

Well my thought behind letting purples die (very very very rarely, and of course with exception of Unique and C-Store Super Rares) is that... the more you play the DOff system the more you will get of those purples.

hunting those Purples is a big part of the fun behind the game,

In a year from now i will be all decked out and then what?
if i have my 400 purples, have all commendation ranks maxed out,
what is there left to do besides auto-fire double-clicking the good dilithium assignments?
hoping that i can waste more c-points on slots some day?

I mean the system just started...
but long term?
it might not be the worst idea for Purples to get out of the System somehow, besides getting BOUND when slotting them in you active space / ground roster.

and hey... no risk, no fun!

Archived Post 04-10-2012 01:16 PM

I am okay with sending a Purple DOFF on a mission I know has a possibility that they will be destroyed. I can choose whether or not to assume the risk.

I simply don't think that it is a good idea to make that possibility a regular, random thing. I think I have four purples in all, and I'd hate to lose any of them. One was a T4 diplomacy reward, one was a defection, one was from the temporal anomaly mission, and the last was the vorta reward from 'The 2800'.

I'd scream bloody-murder if I lost one on a routine assignment.

Now, if an assignment says something like "Suicide Mission" or "At All Costs" and makes it very clear that the DOFF I send is likely not to make it back... I won't be surprised if they don't. And ecstatic if they survive it. The rewards for such a mission, needless to say, ought to surpass any that went before it.

Archived Post 04-10-2012 01:28 PM

Another kind of assignment that would be good for losing high-value DOFF's...

"Promotional Transfer"

You're losing your DOFF, but they didn't die... they got promoted. And in return you'd get a huge award of BO skill points, Development CXP, and a random quality voucher to be redeemed with Lt. Ferra to get a new DO.

Which makes me think of another kind of assignment...

"Promoted to Command"

The tech doesn't exist for it, but what if you could recycle your old BO's and get new ones with a nice sum of BO skill points and Development CXP to boot?

Archived Post 04-10-2012 04:29 PM

I think every doff besides certain unique reward DOFFs should be able to die. Obviously the chance would be low and only on missions with EXTREME risk. Those mission should have higher rewards for completion. I think Green Doffs should die fairly often, Blue Doffs slightly less often then green but still be able to die. I always assumed that was the case and it is disappointing that it is not. :(

As people have said, long term you will end up with all purples and have no need to get any more DOFFs.

Back on the main topic, I would love to see different departments fleshed out that affect the DOFF system in a passive way.

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