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Archived Post 04-09-2012 11:53 PM

Dilithium Tip Haul
This came up since Q400 wanted to know how many tips I had received.

Since the tip jar went in on January 26th, I've received 116,325 dilithium between my missions. That comes out to 1551 dilithium per day. I was actually surprised it was that much. I was thinking I was only getting 400-500, but I guess I was wrong.

I was just curious how this compares to other people's haul? Maybe I'm off base, but I suspect that there are other Foundry authors who get a lot more.

My missions aren't really optimal for tipping because because they're all so long, which both reduces the total number of plays, and the max tip is still 100 even though my mission production time is much higher. More, shorter missions seems like it would generate higher tip revenue, but at the same time I don't know if that also results in the average tip being reduced?

Please don't take this as me bragging and/or complaining. I'm very happy to get any sort of tip at all, and at that rate of tips the tip jar seems to have worked pretty well for me (I could easily have made more if I'd used the dailies to grind for it, but the truth is I never would have done so).

So, how does this compare to what other people have experienced?

Archived Post 04-10-2012 04:49 AM

I've only got a little over 5000. :)

Archived Post 04-10-2012 05:23 AM

Between my two most recent missions I've pulled in 10K.

OP, how many missions do you have live?

Archived Post 04-10-2012 05:35 AM


Originally Posted by Commadore_Bob
Between my two most recent missions I've pulled in 10K.

OP, how many missions do you have live?

Only 4 episodes so far. Now I feel kind of awkward that I brought this whole thing up, since it might seem like I'm trying to toot my own horn. But I only even thought about it because Q400 asked. :o

Specifically, I'm thinking Captain Revo, Rogue Enterprise and Admiral Murphy might have a higher tip haul, but I'm not sure. It would be interesting to hear from them.

Archived Post 04-10-2012 05:48 AM

My Zoo has netted me about 9,000. Not bad for a one map bit of fluff. My mission Hollow Justice has netted me the other 1,000. But it has only 5% the number of reviews. People obviously tip more for more detailed missions.

Archived Post 04-10-2012 06:47 AM

I average 850 a day from Barclay and Personal Reflection.

The real kicker though is Nagus. He has 40 slots all filled with his daily missions, some of which have over 12k plays. Sure some are only after DL so they wouldn't give him any as a tip, but even an occasional 25 here and there. 40 missions.

Something tells me the Grand Nagus has the money to back his title.

Archived Post 04-10-2012 07:12 AM

I haven't kept track, but I always seem to have 100-500 waiting for me whenever I remember to check. But my missions, since they have right about 4-star aggregate ratings, don't stay near the top.

Archived Post 04-10-2012 07:19 AM

No one looks for mine since I have not been featured on STOKed (nor do I wish to) or really promote my mission, so its only about 500.

Archived Post 04-10-2012 08:00 AM

155'175 across 12 missions.

7 are fed and 5 are klingons. the klingon ones despite being at the top of the klingon missions and being some of the higest rated missions in the game get played only by a small amount of people and thus only get a tiny amount of dilithium in comparison to my fed eps. if they received the kinds of review numbers the fed got that figure would probably double.

sadly if you want dilithium then klingon missions wont earn you anywhere near as much as a fed missions will. also keep in mind when you make a mission the starting level you pick will determine who many people can see and play the mission.

overall im delighted with the tips ive gotten so far, but i do wish more people would play the klingon ones not just because of the tips but because so much work went into them id like people to experience them.

Archived Post 04-10-2012 08:05 AM


Originally Posted by Nagorak (Post 4151143)
This came up since Q400 wanted to know how many tips I had received.

Silly question since I've not done any foundry missions. Does it tell you in game with a running count of how much you;ve gotten?


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