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Archived Post 04-12-2012 06:09 PM

Some mission reviews
I know kirkfat did some reviews that were VERY GOOD of some early on missions. But i hold a grudge on one particular missions and would like to give a review of it.

Also(supporting kirkfat) read some of his reviews thay are very true and good

Spin The Wheel:

I did not like the fact of doing a mission on a space station, but this mission was bad and lazy writing to

I go up to the ferengi at drozona and he says i will tell you where this woman is if you fix my replicators(oh so exciting) and then realize that that woman is in a room a couple feet away from me(wow i must be to lazy to look around) so i spend 10 minutes trying to figure out a puzzel the ferengis engineers could solve.

So i do that and then go to that woman and she askes me to play dabo for a bad reason and i get lke 1 bar of latinum and then she tells me she has booked a passage on a ship to get away from the station telling me about nothing about the devidians. Then my engineering officer hails me and says we got to fly to k-7(well that sucks) and when i get there i got to got to the lab and complete the mission but then i have to beam up to actually complete it. It was bad. thats all i got to say

I rate this mission two stars

Archived Post 04-12-2012 06:30 PM

IIRC, this mission was entirely designed to introduce you to the Dabo system. It was fairly new at the time. Honestly, I think this mission was added as an afterthought. As part of the Devidian Series it could be lifted out and the story wouldn't change and we never see that person we communicated with ever again.

I freely admit I may be wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Devidian Series was written as a four-parter and this fifth part was added only because they noticed Dabo participation was low.

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