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Archived Post 04-13-2012 02:06 PM

Duty Officers, Ferengi Style
So, I read the release notes and half-attentively lurked in the DoffJobs channel, and maybe its the benedril, but I can't tell what has been added, re: Duty Officer System, with Thursday's Patch.

I know there is some mission that gives a (or two) lock box(es) and a (or two) key(s), but I have no idea what its name is or where to get it.

And I know there is something to do with Holonovels (cool idea, if you ask me, and I can't wait to get to them, honestly) but ibid on the name and location.

And then Janeway has offered some fascinating screen shots of some ferengi mission that you apparently can repeat once you get one of the ferengi ships - sweetness - and I am jealous as heck of Janeway for already having a ship - share the wealth!

Anyway, I bet money that I have missed even more great Duty Officer features of the Ferengi release, and I dare someone to make a compendium of information of what has to be an ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS experience.



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