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External Video Card???
I just have a laptop to game on but it has just a standard HD Graphics card that can't be upgraded according to Toshiba. STO works and I can play but the graphics just aren't up to par with any of the screen shots I've seen. Not far from it mind you but enough to be a real difference. I''ve set all the video settings in the game as high as they will go but that still doesn't help smoothing out all the curves. They are all blocky like on an old vga monitor.

Are ther any external gaming video cards I can get. Having a hard time looking on my own.
Running Windows 7 Home 64bit


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Only thing I know about is the ViDock. You buy it, and then buy a normal Desktop graphics card to install inside it. It then connects to your Laptop through its ExpressCard port if you have one.

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Originally Posted by Nightshade7777 (Post 4165113)
They are all blocky like on an old vga monitor.

Is your resolution set to the size of your monitor? (native)

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make sure you don't have half resolution turned on.

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