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Archived Post 04-19-2012 09:27 PM

Vault Shuttle mission
I put this together to hopefully help peeps out when doing the mission. Sorry if I got something labeled wrong, I wrote this from memory and i'm getting old.

Ok the first thing you need to know is the tactics to use, with a 5 man team you need to have 3 to defend the Reman ship. There is a ingame popup heal. Only heal when the Reman ship goes below 60%, with that set up your team to heal in a order so your not spam healing it. In each room you only have 1 heal per person. The second team of 2 is used to disable the junction boxes. The first one is on the left in the middle, #38 junction, the second one is on the right #86. 1 person disables it while the other keeps the fighters away. After that you need to clear the room of all enemies. Fly through corridor to next room. This room will have 4 Conductors to disable. (greem spheres on a platform) First is 1-3 than 2-4 the loactions for these are like a compass N,S,E,W. Also this room has birds of prey be careful. Same tactics 3 to defend 2 to disable. Kill everything in room again. Than go through another corridor to thrid room. This is the Boss room, where you have to destory a Romulan War Bird. Everyone needs to shoot the dam thing, you'll be close enough to the Reman ship to keep it healed. At some point I believe its when its about halfway damaged you will get another popup to DL a virus. Than just destroy War bird and finish off the rest of the enemies, and mission complete. The best ships to use for this mission is fighters and Runabouts. Use cannons and torps, Tact off's should have cannon spread or Torps spread, Engy off's power to shields Engy team 1 or sometype of shield/hull heal. Sci off's should have Sci team 1 or something helpful. If theres any other questions about this mission you can email me @melzerith

Archived Post 04-22-2012 06:27 AM

Tactics is all very well and good, but how do we actually play the darned thing?

I'm in the queue for the event right now, and all it does is boot me off after a while. Nobody seems able to join as there are people in zone chat who are having the same trouble.

We tried making a team, and then joining the queue, but that didn't work either. Even when we had five players, nothing would start.

Archived Post 05-01-2012 11:11 PM

The Vault (Needs an STF level Dilithium Reward)

I had fun doing it a couple of times.

I had considered farming the data chips for the set until player feedback determined the set to be worthless when compared to the very few cookie cutter sets everyone uses.

I am an avid elite STF player. I have done hundreds of them over the last few months. It meets my need for the daily dilithium grind and a few of them are actually fun due to the team aspect of them despite the boring repitition.

The Vault as it stands is the closest thing to a brand new STF we have had in a very long time and I would enjoy doing it as part of my Dilithium Grind, but alas you get none for it.

"The Vault" for me will be one of those missions I simply will not bother with as it stands.

The sad part is it could have been launched and billed as a new STF had it been given the same rewards/cooldown format as the other STF's and it would have satisfied one of the most voiced complaints I have heard from players regarding the lack of new content being added.

Why waste developer resources on content only worth playing a few times when it could easily be formatted to provide that content with an incentive to repeat it to add some variety to the very little content we actually do grind with?

Its a great mission design, but it simply fails in the current format with regards to enticing players to keep playing it.

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