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Archived Post 04-20-2012 02:51 AM

skilling up after reaching vice admiral?
i'm wondering if anyone knows whether it's possible to continue skilling up my character after i've made vice admiral AND all my bridge officers have been fully skilled up as well?

Archived Post 04-20-2012 02:53 AM

"skilling up"?

If you haven't been assigning skill points as you earn them, hit your skills menu button (default is K) and do that. You'll be able to do the same for your boffs.

There isn't a level after VA yet, if you just meant leveling up.

Archived Post 04-21-2012 03:04 AM

At vice admiral you have earned your maximum amount of skill points, you cannot further increase your skills.

If you don't like the way you distributed them, you can visit a skill trainer to respec. You should have earned free tokens while leveling up, if you have none left you can buy a respec token in the c-store.

Archived Post 04-21-2012 05:45 AM

just to add, that while you don't gain any skill points for your character after reaching VA, those points you "would have earned" from quests, seem to get added to the skill points for your boffs - e.g if a quest gave 1200 xp and 1200 bo xp then you would get 2400 points for your bo skill point pool.

As others have said unless you are a gold player (and have been getting the respect tokens as you level) then you will need to buy from the c-store (either deposit some real life cash or by converting dilithium on the exchange)

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