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Archived Post 04-24-2012 12:18 PM

my 1st foundry mission
hi all, i need mid to experienced users with the foundry to help give me their 2 cents on my 1st foundry mision idea.

i need to know if what i want to do is vesable in any way, notes on everything, and what not. here it is as follows:

i want this to be a joint (endgame) rescue operation to save someone from the clutches of almost every speicies in the galaxie so as not to start an interstealler warthat could decimate all. that someone is closley linked to my character. i want him to acompany the player(s) through out the mission. i want this to be able to play w/ or w/o a fleet. i am thinking about having a small 3-5 ship taskforce serch for the person. i want it to span at leaset 1 sequal.

focusd around rescuing an unknown VIP. it turnes out that the VIP is (SPOILER CENCOR).

this person went missing scence the borg attack at the beginiong of the game. wearabouts unknown till now.

want to have ground and space combat.

thats all i can think of for now, modifications are subject to change.

P.S. i didnt want to give away spoilers so as not to ruin mission if i can do this.

Archived Post 04-24-2012 06:50 PM

Good luck. It is certainly possible, though the story might be a bit convoluted. This mission is yours to tell as you see fit. I wish you success in your endeavour. God speed! (from whichevery deity you believe in, if any)

Archived Post 04-24-2012 07:45 PM

Just remember that the EULA for the foundry says its a no no to use canonical characters and their likenesses for missions, depending on who you want for your VIP

Archived Post 04-24-2012 08:46 PM

I haven't made up the VIP yet. But could anyone explain how far I can get before its agenst the law.

I didn't want to go to far, like how far can I go on a specific race but it not be anything that's actually canonical.

Plus also I wanted to include the enterprise-f into my bio bio I don't think I can du to time difference.

I also wanto to see if I can tie in some other foundry missions I've done in a small way.

If anyone knows the exact date when it was launched would be grand.

What is the E.U.L.A?

Archived Post 04-25-2012 12:11 AM

First improve your spelling and grammar. There are tons of grammar nazies (some with **** poor grammar) in this game who rate based on the number of errors.

Archived Post 04-25-2012 02:08 AM


Originally Posted by Pendra80 (Post 4180845)
First improve your spelling and grammar. There are tons of grammar nazies (some with **** poor grammar) in this game who rate based on the number of errors.

That's grammar Nazis, thank you very much. :rolleyes:

(Although I really don't like the association between applying solid spelling and grammar skills with those evil beings and their twisted ideologies. Welcome to the world of idioms and memes... although I'd say "Grammar Police" works just fine. :) )

Archived Post 04-25-2012 02:13 AM


Originally Posted by train41 (Post 4180654)
What is the E.U.L.A?

The E.U.L.A. is a "end-user license agreement."

Think legal document which must be agreed upon to use the Foundry.

The E.U.L.A. is available within the Foundry itself. You'll see a button for it, right after logging into the Foundry interface.

Archived Post 04-25-2012 05:57 AM

Wish me luck
If I feel up to it, I think I'll start it tonight. Everyone wish me luck.

Archived Post 04-25-2012 12:35 PM

EULA Loophole?
if i were to use dax or another form of dax,(ex. a clone), would that be a breach in the EULA or do i smell a loophole?:eek:

in case anyones wondering, no, i personally havent read them yet so i dont know.

Archived Post 04-25-2012 04:27 PM

The EULA forbids actor likenesses but this also applies to canonical ships as well. Such as the defiant and the various Enterprises (including the latest Ent-F).

But I suppose that technically wouldn't apply to a Joined Trill character as the likenesses and personality changes with each iteration.

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