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A few DO questions.
The DO system seems great - and a way to fill in for/be better than the "rested XP" system a lot of other MMOs have. Basically a way to earn some XP when you're not online, or alongside your online time. That and if you roleplay at all... well... it's a great system for sure.

In typical STO fashion though, it's not explained all that well. I have a lot of really nice DO assignments available that I can't undertake because of missing things - "You are missing a required duty officer" sometimes, or missing some item. All without any explanation of WHAT "required duty officer" I'm missing and/or where to obtain some item I'm missing.

So - how do I figure out what DO I'm missing and how to obtain one? And for missing items, how do I find out what I'm missing and where to get it?

Also - what's a good/quick way to build up my base of DO's to send on assignments?

I did most of my playing long, long before this system was even thought of, let alone put ingame... Heh.

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Click it, and look for the red icons... that will tell you everything.

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Originally Posted by anazonda (Post 4181054)
Click it, and look for the red icons... that will tell you everything.

Like I said in the original message, the only text I am seeing says "You are missing a required Duty Officer."

What required duty officer am I missing?

How do I get it?

And some of the missions are missing items. Where do I get these items?

The system is not well-documented? (Typical for STO/Cryptic... Heh.)

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If you highlight the mission the right panel will indicate what items are required to complete the mission.

You can get more duty officers by recruiting at Star Fleet Academy, by completing other duty officer assignments and purchasing them on the exchange.

You can get the required components by completing duty officer assignments, replicating them, or purchasing them on the exchange.

*edit* and you can get required components by purchasing them from vendors, bartenders, trade ships, etc....

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Originally Posted by Rastafari_Ken (Post 4181407)
replicating them

We can replicate stuff now? O_o Wow. That's... pretty cool.

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