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Archived Post 04-25-2012 09:54 PM

Katra & Katra: Continued Foundry Missions
Set around a diplomatic mission between the Vulcans and the Remans, which you have been requested to be involved in. While on the journey to meet the Remans you have been ambushed by the Klingon Empire, causing a turn of events.

Name & ID: Katra - ST-HQDDE055W Katra: Continued - STHDMAQYQR
Author: Woody_Valley
Language: U.K. English
Allegance: Federation
Level: Open
Combat: Space & Ground
Time to Play: 30 minutes each mission

Best to play the Romulan Featured Episodes, to have a better understanding of these foundry missions.

Also please take the time to play my other foundry missions.
The Floods at Home Parts 1 & 2
Collective Voice of Freedom

Thanks for playing.

Archived Post 05-02-2012 06:09 AM

Both missions will be featured in the next BitesizeUGC, Sunday May 6 2012 during BroadcastUGC 6:00pm EST, 3:00pm PST. Support the Foundry by playing these missions for yourself. :)

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