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Archived Post 05-01-2012 06:06 PM

Atrox Carrier Build
Please Critique my build,I am a tac,but I am use to flying a cruiser,and well it looks fun,i dont PvP so don't expect to see me there.

Well here is my build

Weapons Fore: DBB and 2 Beam Arrays
Weapons Aft: 3x Turrets

Lt. Tac. TT1(or BAFW1) and CSV1
LTC Eng. ET1,RSP1,AuxTSIf2
Com Sci. PH1,TB2,TBR2,GW3

Doffs,im not 100% sure prob 2 FDO,and well that's up in the air dont know yet what im going to put
Tac. ATP Magx2
Engi Electroceramic HP,SIF Gen,Assimilated console
Sci Graviton,Flow Cap,Particle(maybe),and Field Emmiter

Shield:M.A.C.O MXII

Well thats what i have any comments critiques just say so i want to know ty in advance :D

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