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What's different between rare boff and very rare boff?
I'm sorry if someone already asked about. About many things I'm still a new.
I would like to know what's different between rare boff and very rare boff? Except the price, what's different.
I ask about this because my boff have weird behaviours. I have two boff engineer. One is rare and the second one is very rare. When there is ground mission. The very rare always build a shield and he's hidding his coward face behind the shield. Do I have to conclude very rare boff are more coward than a rare boff :D

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typically its just abilities, ie for a tac boff if you want torp spread 3, torp high yield 3, cannon rapid fire 3, cannon scatter volley 3 (notice the 3s?) you have to have a high quality boff...or a tac captain that can train them in those abilities (what I did).

essentially many of the high level Boff abilities are only avaialble if trained by a captain (or high level boff) or from getting a high level boff who has the ability already.

typically this means nothing unless you enjoy flying multiple ship types. As your captain can train low level boffs in the abilities you wish them to have as long as they are the same class. So a Tac captain + escort = no need to pay for a better tac boff, your captain can train them. But a tac in a sci vessel = buy the better sci boff as you wont be able to train the high level sci abilities.

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The difference between RARE and VERY RARE Boffs comes in their passives.

A RARE will have one basic passive and one superior.
A VERY RARE will have two superiors.

Also VERY RARE tend to come with better BOFF powers, but these can be trained , so less important, unless its one of the abilities that only come on a BOFF.

Edit : the difference between Basic and superior passives are increased percentages and effects when using those passives. (i.e. Purple is better than Blue)

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