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Archived Post 05-03-2012 08:12 AM

I am trying to clean up my Alocades where is a go place/mission to kill ship and them Nausicaan's that is?:)

Archived Post 05-03-2012 08:30 AM

Federation or KDF side? has a a page with a breakdown of the easiest places to earn them.

Archived Post 05-03-2012 08:31 AM

Federation Side

Archived Post 05-03-2012 08:54 AM :)

Archived Post 05-04-2012 05:58 PM

War Is Good For Business is the only mission where you fight Nausicaans. It's also one of the longest missions to complete simply because the majority of it requires you flying through a nebula that disables impulse drive, so you're forced to inch your way through space at 25 MPH.

...And the Nausicaan killing comes at the very end of the mission.

Archived Post 05-04-2012 07:18 PM

Invasion von Nausica
I have to early vesions of foundrymissions white Nausicans, Invasion von Nausica and STF Nausica

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