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Archived Post 05-04-2012 01:11 PM

Prototype salvage in elite optionals, thought tech was only for end mission rewards?
From the way gozer says it it was suppose to be only tech drops from the elites (prototype sal) and only from completing the mission loot table not the optionals. Yet in the elite cure space i just did there was a prototype sal where it was in the optional and ppl had to do need or greed and i didnt get that unfortunatly but i was under the assumption due to the way gozer speaks that they should only be in the mission ending loot table not optionals table.

Anyone (maybe gozer) can explain this?

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There is a big difference between [Prototype Borg Salvage] and [Prototype Borg (insert type) Tech]. One pays for regular Mk XII gear such as ship weapons, while the other pays for a specific piece of a MACO or Omega Force set. (or Klingon Honor Guard instead of MACO if you're KDF)

Specifically, there are 6 types of Prototype Borg Tech: The space ones: Engine, Deflector, Shield, and the ground ones: PSD, Weapon, Armor. Deflector and Armor come from Khitomer Accord space and ground respectively, Weapon and Engine come from Cure, and Shield and PSD techs come from Infected. Note that there are 3 types of Tech: Common, Rare, and Prototype. They pay for Mk X, XI, and XII respectively.

Edit: And I forgot to mention that all forms of Salvage - [Rare Borg Salvage] and [Prototype Borg Salvage] can be found in the optional loot drop or in the mission rewards, with the Rare one paying for Mk X gear on a 1/1 ratio or Mk XI gear on a 2/1 ratio, and the Prototype one paying for Mk XII gear on a 1/1 ratio. But I repeat: Salvage pays for non-set, Tech pays for set.

Re-edit: And if Gozer were to come and answer your post, the answer would be the same - except for a possibly different choice of words :)

Re-re-edit: Oh, I just remembered: Gozer's in PvP now, not PvE, so I doubt he's still browsing this section of the forums.

Archived Post 05-04-2012 02:07 PM

I knew what the salvage and stuff is its just i was told there was nothing good in optionals so never to worry about them in elites but with protoype sal being in them as i discovered today as i actually had a good team that could do the optional with me i found they can have some good stuff in i.e the prototype salvage.

Like i said i thought all good stuff i.e salvage and the set pieces stuff were only the end mission drop table for prototype stuff.

But as said it now is apparent there is something to aim for in optionals for the mk 11 weapons i could get with proto sal. Oh and i just thought proto tech in my original post to mean anything prototype as i thought that was grouped in to the same category and all proto was to be in the mission loot table not optional one.

Archived Post 05-05-2012 04:01 PM

Based on my experiance, more often than not, upon completeing the optional the loot roll comes up with some type of salvage, be it rare or prototype salvage, along with 2 or more other nice items.
Which is probably why some (like me) get so irritated when some idiot deliberatly blows the optional and then says in chat "there's never anything good from the optional anyway"...because they are dead wrong.

The rare and prototype TECH only comes in the end reward, sometimes salvage also.

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Originally Posted by KBFLordKrueg (Post 4201126)
...because they are dead wrong.


I've received a number of decent purp XII consoles/weps from the optional loot. Not reason not to give the effort for the optional.

Archived Post 05-05-2012 09:39 PM

what the deal in elite is no tech in optional

but what the optionals do is out you in a better pool to get tech drops

you will only get 12 chips in optional

I have found after getting optional in that mission payout is much better chips and tech

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