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Archived Post 05-05-2012 06:43 AM

Fleet actions
When in a fleet action please consider the following

1 spamming mines can blind others on your team and make targeting near impossible (not to mention steering) no one minds one mine layer but several on the same ship??
No thanks

2 If someone is damaged throwing a shield or a haz emitter on them is a kindness telling them to "go get some decent gear" is an insult

3 when someone is clearly trying to pick off a target and has that target down to next to no hull its not very polite to slam in and blow it up (they might be working on an achievement)

4 please do NOT annoy every ship in the zone and head for the respawn point

5 Need if you NEED it , pass if you don't

6 in the name of sanity and reason please do not post "over here" give a position fix (example "need help on 3rd level left hand side rear")

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