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Archived Post 05-09-2012 05:01 PM

Tholian mission and update
Most recent missions I published all within a 2 month gap or so:

"The Last Centurion"

KFD levels 16+-

My first KDF mission and so far almost all 4-5 star reviews out of 33 (as of current last check).

This mission is my entree for Gates of Stovokor's Ferengi contest.

Current projects in progress:

"Rise of The Vodoni", a sequel to "Golems" my Risa challenge 3rd place tie entree. (about 3/4 done)

"A Tholian A Day"--

I am making a Tholian mission ahead of schedule, and using placeholder aliens, the Tholians will swap places after release, and hopefully I will have an early one of the first published Tholian missions!

Here is the description for "A Tholian A Day"-

Ship crews at Drozana station begin gossiping about spotting a Tholian ship near an anomoly detected near the edge of Omega Leonis space.

As you go to investigate the sightings, you find evidence of a rift in space, and more reports that indicate it is not the same Tholian ship spotted; it has been one ship a day, every day, coming through the rift for over a month!

As you stumble on a hidden Tholian armada massing in a nebula near the rift, a woman from the 31st century arrives with a warning..

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