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Archived Post 05-10-2012 07:40 AM

Some new stf's please?
Ships are all well and good, but can we please get some new stf's to play?

I love getting the new ships, I have bought both the d'kyr, all odyssey and now the carrier, but I really would like some new content to play them in. Reruns and play feature episodes again is ok, but some of us have now been playing a long time, 840+ days for me...

When will we see any new STF's do you think? Would love it if a cryptic response would come along as well...

Archived Post 05-10-2012 07:51 AM

How about mini STFs that unlock after each War Front Completion? Complete the Klingon front, you get a mini STF against a renegade* KDF house. Complete the Romulan front and get a Romulan mini STF and so forth. On the KDF side, complete the Federatin Front and unlock a mini STF against the Maqui* and continue there.

Mini STF:
Min players: 3
Completion timer: 24 hrs (only able to do once a day)
Rewards: open for discussion

* renegade house and Maqui are examples to expplain how both faction could play the STF they are open to both factions.

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