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{UFF} United Fleets Federation
As many of you are aware there are several Big (450+ member) fleets out there and they do a fantastic Job!

With that in mind there are also many more smaller fleets that are struggling to A) Find Members and B) Be taken Seriously.

What i propose is a Coalition, a NEW Large Fleet made up of Several Little Fleets. I know it sounds crazy but i feel that with the way things are going its possibly the only way to give the little fleets a voice.

Here is what i propose:
  • Each Fleet Admiral would hold a seat on the Fleet Council and this would meet weekly.
  • Each Member fleet must consist of at least 30 Members
  • Each Fleet Admiral can have one XO To represent the fleet in the Admirals Absence
  • Each Admiral Would be responsible for a Division within the Wider Fleet (Tactical, Engineering, Science etc)
Any Suggestions, Interest or Feedback Welcome

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