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Omega Force - Redneck Academy. From Cow Pies to Space Cowboys. NEWBIES ONLY.


Imagine cruisin' along the Alpha Quad searchin' fer rare alien ah'tifacts, then some good fer' nothing True Way Tellolist comes over yonder and does a stick up!

If your' True Blue Starfleet you'd probably spent the next 3 weeks cooped up in a forcefield with the bad guys while rescue comes along like Ol' Grandma, as shown on TV!

But what if you were a Redneck?

You just call 'The Boys' and we'll come rollin' with the Harley's and the Davidson's Cavalry and send them back across the border in a million pieces!

We Rednecks we take care of our people. It don't matter if you're one-day wonder fresh out from 'Frisco, ah'll be here to show you the ropes, and separate the Cow Pies from the real Space Cowboys!

REDNECK ACADEMY is all about mutual cooperation. From normal missions to the most infamous Great Borg Robberies of the 25th Century, we're ready and willing.

And if you're new, you're more than welcome to have a BBQ with us anytime, anyday. Ah think all newbies are good ol' Trekkies just like you and me. And YOU absolutely deserve the best training Starfleet kin put together.

You got the interest, ah'll bring the toys and more.

Are you afraid of joining an enormous Fleet? Can't stand bureaucracy and 3 week application periods?

Don't fret. Here at Redneck Academy, we don't leave our brahs hangin'.

You came to Star Trek Online to fly and fight as a member of an elite force. Be that Captain you always wanted to be. As a Redneck Captain, you'll just be yourself fifty times more awesome than prim and proper Starfleet instant noodle Admiral over there.

You'll even get to hang the most rootinest tootinest beam array a shootinest ****s this side of a Texas BBQ.


We don't have a website
We don't have a TS server
We don't have a forums

What we have are good men and women who'll never leave your wing till you call RTB. We're real world military historians, redneck engineers and petrolheads.

We can bring new pilots from zero to Hero in less time it takes to grill corn. Just joined yesterday? We don't care, Starfleet exists for your development and your benefit!

So be yourself and have fun. We run daily STFs, missions and anything you can think of in between. Maybe even some good ol fashioned roleplay, and we do it better than any RP guild out there :)

We just put the fun back into Star Trekkin'.

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Y'all see this **** right here its gonna be as fun as wrasslin a gator or mud runnin,lets blow some **** up redneck style :cool:

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Originally Posted by InputEnd (Post 4209555)
Y'all see this **** right here its gonna be as fun as wrasslin a gator or mud runnin,lets blow some **** up redneck style :cool:

Crap will blow up al' right!

Now some serious affiliances:

1) We previously ran a Ladies' exclusive RP guild
2) Ah train dem STF cadets better than most Starfleet Academies, using nothing but ol' man Clausewitz's good advice and then some. Colonel Sanders comes in real handy too!
3) We help to operate and man Andrew Harnaman's STFRecruits cadet-friendly STF matchmaking and learning channel
4) We run daily ops and 24/7 ops over the weekends.
5) We do weekly video productions to prove that the most awesome STO pilots are none other than our NEWBIES :)

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Where gonna be teaching them cadets real good

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Originally Posted by InputEnd (Post 4209569)
Where gonna be teaching them cadets real good

Lovely 'Gretchen there went from zero to space cowgirl in 4 days flat. Elite STFs next :D

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Cant wait :D

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Gonna post my handle its Andrew F. Hyde @ InputEnd

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What really happened is that we wanted to create a fun newbie friendly experience to support STFRecruits plus our own cadre of new pilots and... oh no. Rednecks.



The angry birds are coming! *deploys Angry Bird Pillow Mark X*

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There any Space Banjos on this fleet?

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Originally Posted by cliftona91
There any Space Banjos on this fleet?

One could argue the hull shape of the Socrates is banjo like!

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