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Archived Post 05-12-2012 03:03 AM

Bundle Ideas
I have a few new bundle ideas, love to hear some opinion on them.

FED Carrier bundle:
Carrier Bridge: FED or Catian style.
Bajoran Interceptor squadron, they have higher hit points.
Flight suit uniform
Worker bee squadron, they launch like any fighter squads but they repair friendly's instead of attacking.
2 Hanger deck expansions
Starfleet attack fighter squadron, they have more powerful attack.
Maquis Fighter squadron, they are a lot faster.
Vulcan fighter squadron, they have a much powerful shield and shield regen rate.

Doctor bundle:
Working sick bay.
Advance medical kit:
-Portable medical field, this will grant an ability to generate a passive healing field around your character and this field will follow your character. Cool down 5 min.
-EMH, this will grant the ability to call down an EMH to help with the situation. This will also be able be summoned even after your character and all member of your team/away team are knocked out. Cool down 10 min.
Revive drone ground device, when equipped, this will automatically create a drone when a team member or away team member is downed which will automatically revive them.
Emergency Medical Hologram Team universal space console, this will increase crew recovery rate by 50% and make crew more durable by 50%.
Doctor lab coat
Surgical scrubs
Pasteur bridge

Soldier bundle:
Working armory in ships.
Advance Tactical kit:
-Extra weapon slot
-Point defense phaser, this will grant the ability for the player to shoot down any incoming grenade, mines, drone, or mortars for a short time, cool down 2 min.
Armors costume from the jail guards from the 2800 episodes for your character.
Micro Quantum grenade launcher, ground weapon
Rail Gun, ground weapon, 40% shield penetration
Rail Cannon, space weapon, 40% shield penetration. Fires like any cannon but deals in kinetic damage
Prometheus bridge

Hologram bundle:
Working holodeck in ships.
Holo-emitter, ground device, this will grant the ability to randomly summon 1 of 3 hologram (EMH, ESH, or EEH), cool down 10 min.
Holo-emitter, space device, this will grant the ability to randomly summon one or two ship from your current faction (excluding carriers), cool down 10 min.
Universal Holographic Bridge Officer, this customizable officer that has no fixed department. The player can put this officer in any bridge officer slots on ships and all their abilities can be re-trained from any department. Max rank of Lt. Commander for balance sake.

Archived Post 05-12-2012 04:54 AM

you do relize more bundle and fluff ideas like this means less content because they will happily do fluff over content since its easier. just something to think about with all these bundle and uniform requests

Archived Post 05-12-2012 06:41 AM

Well the ideas are nice, but I'm not sure Cryptic has the tech for some of them - Particularly hologram and soldier. Come to think of it, they might not have the tech for any of it.

Archived Post 05-12-2012 10:55 AM

The holodeck, sick bay, and armory should be available to every player not people that spend money on the C-Store. The revive drone would need to have some severe restrictions. Unlimited when not in combat, but maybe can use ability every 20 seconds while in combat. I have some problems with the rail cannon. I just don't see it going faster than torpedoes.

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