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Archived Post 05-13-2012 09:04 PM

Breen Capital Punishment Snosk (Closed, necro)
Can anyone tell me the exact spawn location on the map when you first join the Patrol Mission In Deferi?

I'm getting tired of spinning around in circles, and do you need to progress the mission to a certain level in order to find the snosk?

Archived Post 05-13-2012 09:22 PM

note: weather it appears or not, is totally random. Capitol punishment is one of the hader accolades to get because of this random spawn.

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Originally Posted by kirian_darkstar (Post 4213984)

note: weather it appears or not, is totally random. Capitol punishment is one of the hader accolades to get because of this random spawn.

No I don't want to know what map Snosk patrols on, I want to know the exact spawn location ON the map so I don't have to keep wasting a lot of time circling, and that also says nothing about IF you have to do anything in the daily in order for the Snosk to have a chance of showing up.

Archived Post 05-13-2012 09:42 PM

Beware you can fight the same huge ship 2 times. There is the only one reason I didn't get accolade after killing this huge kind ship 3 times.

Archived Post 05-13-2012 10:14 PM

I found this and this persons Snosk seems to be on the Breen Patrol map... and not the Deferi Patrol map? Also there is no "fighting 0 / 5 " whatever on Deferi patrol map erm...

and I've never killed the snosk, never even seen it before.

Archived Post 05-13-2012 10:34 PM

Im trying to get this Accolade. There are three different named ships. Each one is the same design and each one shows up on a different map. So trying to kill all three by going to the same map wont work. As for where it shows up I dont know but I would love to.

Archived Post 05-13-2012 10:40 PM

Been doing this daily since it came out and only ever come across one ship. One, and I have 7 captains for crying out loud

Archived Post 05-13-2012 10:44 PM

I only seen one in Outpost 3 and I engage it accidentally as I assumed it was just a group of Breen Fighters ... only to realize what it was when I got within weapons range.

Archived Post 05-13-2012 11:29 PM

This is to the best of my knowlege the answer to your question:

11 o'clock from map center. usually just out of sensor range

Archived Post 05-14-2012 12:33 PM

I think my issue was the map I was spawning on, I woke u this morning, entered a patrol mission like before, but this time my map was different?

I have no idea why, maybe it depends on the exact location of my ship in sector space? But I was closer to Defera system than Deferi outpost 3 this time.

So just look for Patrols, and make sure you are on the map with the gas clouds and green nebula backround, not the red/yellow nebula backround. You will see the snosk as you warp in on the map, at this exact location.

In order to find these capital ships, you should search the map for the specific location if it isn't there, you leave map and repeat. You should wait 30-60 seconds before rejoining the map.

So Spawn Locations

Snosk: Deferi Patrol 11 o' Clock ( The left from where you spawn )
Desna: Deferi Outpost 3 4:30 o' Clock ( Inbetween the bottom and right relays )
Istapp: Kelvani Belt 2 o' Clock ( A decent distance past the Mining Facility )

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