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Hello everyone, I joined SSOG-A around February 2012 when my partner invited me to it and I have to say, it's been fun ever since. There is always someone on-line who will know the answer to any questions and someone will always be able to lend a hand when needed. I've met several easy-going, funny people in this fleet and a day doesn't go buy where I don't enjoy being here.

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SSOG,, KSOG. Starfleet Special Operations Group. The official fleets of the Priority One Podcast with your host Elijah, James and Adrianne

Hi i have been with the fleet since january before the merger of the two fleets which was a really good idea as now we have an even bigger comunity of helpful friendly people with loads of advice and help. It has been a blast lots off help when u need it and plenty of people who want to run various STFs.
I have met loads of fun people in both side of the fleet who just want to enjoy the game and have a laugh there is both fed and KDF fleets both with members with loads of experience in the game wether thats for crafting running STFs norm or elite or help with episodes. We also have a Teamspeak 3 channel set up for casual chat or fleet actions such as STFs so there is alway friendly advice. Everyone is here for the reason to chill out with friends and have some fun and have a laugh there is always help for those who need it thanks. :)
If anyones interested pm me on VA Drew@krispi32 for the Fed fleet and Korucho@krispi32 for the KDF fleet thanks again and hope you will join us soon. ;)

Archived Post 05-14-2012 04:13 PM

Hey gang! @EnsignRand here, I'm one of the FSO'S (fleet staff officer), here to say join us for some fun! We only require that you log in 30x's a day, spend 20 of the 24 hrs online (we understand that you JUST may hafta nap here and there), and only require you to do all our laundery once a da.....(looks up at original post).....dang....ok, we don't really have any requirments, but we do like to have fun and have memebers active during most times of the day! :D

As stated by Max, we have 3 banks fulla goodies available to everyone, and we'll be happy to craft stuff that you may need . We also have a website: that you can check out! :D

Hope to see y'all in game!

P.S. I can also invite people, main character is Zunii@EnsignRand :)

Archived Post 05-14-2012 04:46 PM

Hey, you like to Pew Pew...or blow things up?! all while you sit back, relax and get to know a group of easy going mature and fun people? Then this is the fleet for you!!!.....NOT ONLY do you get to choose a Fed side but you can also choose a KDF side as well....

We at SSOG, SSOG-A, and KSOG only have one Mandatory Requirement that you MUST follow and that is...To Have Fun...yes, Have Fun...simple, short, and sweet...:D So join up, come on in.

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Contact @duke-of-rock

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fellow fleet member
hi all being in the fleet sinse before the merger and have charicters in all fleets online almost every day.

the fleet members are happy to welcome newcomers and plow throu stf both normals but most are on elites we try and get daily raids going :)

Im personally always happy to help with any questions and episodes.

The fleets are generally active and is a happy enviroment to lvl in and will always accepted new people to join in with stf's.

Archived Post 05-15-2012 05:36 PM

Love the kind and helpful people in the fleets! My fed is with SSOG and my KDF with KSOG and I love talking to everyone across all the channels via our joint chat channel - and the new Teamspeak channel rocks! I love these people and their patience, humor, and knowledge of STO and ST is great! STFs are new for me and I feel like I'm with family. Missions are more fun and/or productive with them on the team. RP is available with some and those who don't RP are still friendly and open-minded about those who do. Totally recommend! 1 in 1 Adrianne agrees. +1 Fleet. 1UP Fleet Love "POW" Block. All our fleets are belong to us. Fleet: There and Back Again. F1337. Does a body good. Justin Bailey. Toe pick.


~ Adrianne
C's: Fed - Oranne Tillhen & KDF - Shekklah Y'Tierahkk

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Contact @duke-of-rock

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Contact @duke-of-rock

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