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Archived Post 05-17-2012 08:00 AM

Earth Force Eragon is Recruiting.....
Earth Force Eragon is a newly formed fleet made up of F2P players as well as new or old players that have been here since the beginning. We have only 8 players from all over and at different times and we need more players/recruits to bring our fleet player base up to enjoy things that STO has, ex. STF's PVP's or PVE's, Featured Episodes(When they come out)and the Borg Incursions. I have set up this fleet to help out others in any way as in help in ranking up, missions that are hard or might need 2 or more players or the occasional tutorials...we can also help with customizing your ships and crafting. We are seeking more Active base players to start doing these things as a fleet, So come on in...Kick up your feet and enjoy what Earth Force Eragon can do for you!!! Send a inbox message to either Klarg@Jolus or Duke@Jolus and I look forward to all your mails soon. Thanks

Archived Post 05-18-2012 12:30 AM

You start out as a Recruit and work your way up to Fleet Admiral, but in order to do need to do these 7 things to lvl up in fleet.

1- Be on everyday(If possible)
2- Help out other fleet members that ask
3- Participate in doing STF's(if your at lvl)Borg Incursions,Occasional PVP's or PVE's or Featured Episodes
4- Always chat with others in game to get to know one another
5- Donate items and Earth Credits(Money) into the fleet bank for others to use
6- Help out with Crafting or help in getting items for Crafting since they changed how/what you need/do for Crafting
7- And we need more Recruits, so getting out there and telling/asking other players without a fleet about Earth Force Eragon and getting them to join is a PLUS!!

If you can do these 7 things and contribute to the fleet....Then lvling up will be a snap!!

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