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Archived Post 05-18-2012 03:18 PM

massachusetts minutemen
hello fleeties, i have a question to the higher ups of the massachusetts minutemen. do we have our own website? if not, are any of you interested in creating one?

i have a website that i was going to turn into something like the fourms but on the next level. the service i used is free, but their are features that i would have to pay for in order to use them such as vidieo posting, etc. i wasent going to pay for it becaus im the only one handeling it and i highly doughted any one would use it.

it currently is like a personal blog, but no where near operational. i had sent an email to someone in the higher ups and never got a resonse. i had posted this question 2 already and got slapped on the wrist for crosslinking which i didnt know is a bad thing. its a stupid rule but that is a converstion best used in a voice chat.

getting back, if anyone who is a member and/or knows a member that is/or knows a higher up in the fleet, could you please let me know and/or cotact them and tell them of this and my other post that is still around. the 1st post is in the 10 forward section labled massachusetts minutemen.

if you want to contact me, you can visit the site and under list of members, their is a link for my personal facebook page. the site link is :D

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