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Archived Post 05-18-2012 08:23 PM

Choo Choo!
So I went to DS9 tonight, and this happened.


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Archived Post 05-19-2012 03:22 AM

So, what's strange about that?


Archived Post 05-19-2012 07:49 AM

Hehe. We got up to 28 in the train at one point on Instance #8. Was so oddly entertaining. :p

Archived Post 05-19-2012 10:37 AM

How are they moving without moving their legs? Is this some follow command quirky thing? :confused: :confused: :confused:

Archived Post 05-19-2012 10:47 AM

Hold pulsewave assault, walk and crouch. Follow for train.

Archived Post 05-19-2012 10:49 AM

And here people were saying that this wasnt a multiplayer game.

Archived Post 05-19-2012 10:52 AM

Fantastic! But how the heck are you moving while crouched?

Archived Post 05-19-2012 11:09 AM

Wait, i was on at that time, Why did i miss it? :(

Archived Post 05-20-2012 03:55 AM


Originally Posted by centersolace
Wait, i was on at that time, Why did i miss it? :(

There are usually about 5 different instances of ds9. you were probably in the wrong one.

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