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Archived Post 05-19-2012 01:49 PM

What do people want to see in the future?
Hey there,

I just want to raise some awareness to the devs as to what people want to see. Personally I want;

Customizable warp cores, (TOS,TNG,VOY,TMP,TNG Movies, and some new designs)
Customizable transporter effects (TOS,TNG,Movies,Borg,Q,new designs)
Playable Borg ships
Customizable ship crew uniforms (for the ones that aren't BOs)
Customizable ship corridors (not ones that are 10 kilometers high)

Any suggestions of your own?

Archived Post 05-19-2012 04:22 PM

New factions, more exploration with new sectors. Continuing story (iconians, Borg, undine)

More ships, star bases, better PvP, more PVE.


Archived Post 05-19-2012 04:38 PM

I only want to see the current storylines wrapped up.

Archived Post 05-19-2012 04:54 PM

I'd really really really like the ability to set a Crew Uniform for my ship. I feel like my BOFFs and I are not part of the same crew and that I'm visiting.

I'd like to see a new story arc that ends with some new STFs. New sets on an equal footing to the current ones would be nice. Perhaps a new ungated shuttle mission.

I'd like to see KDF get some love. They could really do with a few more ships and dare I say it a shuttle that equals the Yellowstone and Delta.

I'd like to see Bridges released for the Member vessels of both the KDF (Gorn, Nausican, Orion) and Starfleet (Andorian, Catian, Vulcan).

And I'd really like a way to get the Yellow Plasma Weapons the Undine use.

Archived Post 05-19-2012 07:36 PM

-More Klingon PvE content (Alpha was great !)
-Andorian ship
-K'Vort heavy bird of prey
-BLUE polaron weapons
-improved Vor'cha model. It can't be that difficult to get the proportions right and place the hardpoints in the correct position. :mad:
-clothing options for Letheans.
-race specific bridges/interior for all the affiliated races' ships.
-playable Romulans and True way. Failing that, Cardies for Fed and Remans for KDF.
-end of lockbox spam

Archived Post 05-20-2012 12:24 AM

The END of the Borg storyline with a final decisive removal of the Borg from the universe for those who complete it

Archived Post 05-20-2012 01:21 AM

1) Civilian ships

2) story completion

3) Iconians brought in as new threat, Borg go back to a more unpredictable random battle/encounter role.

4) customizable ship interiors

5) more mini-games

6) random generation foundry ground maps. Think old SimCity you select vegitation amount, water amount, and elevation variation amount and map is randomly generated.

7) Level cap increased

8) more captain skill points

9) GPL / LOBI merged into 1 currency

10) Dabo, Poker mini-game betting with EC

11) functional holo-decks for Fed and KDF being foundry mission selection start point on ships

12) shuttle bay in ship interior for ship selection

13) multi part Halloween mission for creation of Borg Enhanced Android Candidate (options for all three classes)

14) rechargable batteries, and boost boots brought back in an event.

15) Non Borg related STF mission.

Archived Post 05-20-2012 01:20 PM

Selectable ERA/SHIP warp/transwarp (Klingons too) drive effects. All ships would have the ability to have all the warp drives featured in the movies and shows. Including the Solaton wave, Folding space, Warp catapult array etc. Plus, a revamped slipstream that actually looks like it. Oh, and stop with the ships having to stop when going to warp.

Wouldn't hurt to have a instant warp. No cutscene is loaded. You just switch to sector space.

These could easily be special unlocks from new story missions.

Archived Post 05-20-2012 01:55 PM

Sadly i dont think Cryptic will listen. What ide like to see how ever:

-Unifroms that match mine on all the NPC charecters on my ship so we match

-Species specific bridges caitian, Vulcan etc.

- Fix the vault event so people can actualy play it! I would like to be able to play it and get the Reman gear set!

Archived Post 05-20-2012 03:57 PM

The only thing I want is Playable Content. eg regular Featured Episodes filled in with new dailies, story content , play-world expansion, tech to further character development.

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