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Archived Post 05-20-2012 06:00 AM

My Nebula Class Retrofit Build (the ship ain't THAT bad!)
Hi Captains,

I've been reading some threads in here about science ships making no sense anymore (being too weak compared to latest escorts and cruisers). I don't know if this is the opinion of the majority of players, so correct me if I am wrong. The fact that I don't see many science ships in-game is supporting this, though.

Well, because I am always up for a challenge I've decided to get the Nebula Retrofit and make a nice build (I am a science officer in STO). On a side note: I always liked the design of the ship.

The attached image below shows what I've set up now and I am not disappointed by it. I've focused on a good balance between weapon power (while having only 6 slots) and the ability of healing / protecting friends and slowing down / disabling enemy vessels. It is doing very well in STF. Any suggestions are welcome!

I've chosen the "Warship" bridge for it because the Nebula bridge seems to be rather small (you can also see it when Data is commanding a Nebula vessel in TNG). Off topic: most of the bridges in STO are too big in my opinion. They would feel more realistic if scaled like 0.65 to 0.75 of the current size. I always get the feeling of standing in a basketball-arena.

Here's my Nebula - as I've already said: any suggestions for improvement are welcome!

Thank you for reading!

Archived Post 05-20-2012 05:13 PM

I use a nebula retrofit, it's certainly not weak. I think the problem is that there's nothing a science ship can do that a carrier can't, (unless you count maneuvering in a confined space) AND it has fighters too.

Anyhow I've gone for crowd control and confusion in mine

Polarize hull 1, Science team 2
tac team1, beam fire at will 2
Engineer team 1, emergency power to auxiliary 2, eject warp plasma 1
Science commander:
transfer shield strength 1, tyken's rift 1, scramble sensors 2, gravity well 3
Science ensign:
Hazard emitters 1
I have a 3 part borg set with Maco mk 12 shield.
Weapons are 2 dual disruptor beams and a photon torp forward, two disruptor arrays and a Breen cluster torpedo aft.

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