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Archived Post 05-22-2012 02:42 PM

Starfleet Precision Strike Unit Is Recruiting
Thanks for taking the time to check this thread out.

Starfleet Precision Strike Unit is a relatively new and growing fleet, that is composed of a mixture of Veteran and F2P players and are currently looking to expand on our member base.

The fleet welcomes players of all walks of life and nationalities across the globe and is built on respect for all, while having fun at the same time.

We are a fleet that is based more on player quality rather than quantity, that said new players are very welcome as long as they want to develop themselves and we are more than willing to share the experience among us and fleet resources to help achieve this, whether it be help leveling, ship builds and respecs or weapon / console help.

We have a vast bank of resources to support our players right up to the point they get the end game items and will actively help kit all our people out until the point they can give a little back.

We play a lot of elite stf's and have simple to follow guides available for members, participate in Defra Invasion Zones and Vault events and long term as a fleet we hope to enter into the PVP realm. Crafting skill help also available.

Ventrilo - we have an acive vent server for the use of all members who like to coordinate events/ matches or just hang out and chat when they feel like it.

If anyone is interested in joining or just wants more info on anything, please mail or pvt:

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