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Archived Post 06-06-2012 04:24 AM

Regenerative or High Capacity shields for sci ships and carriers?
What is better for your average science ship or carrier: A high capacity or a high regeneration shield?

Personally, I think a high cap shield is superior, because capacity is "saved up regeneration" that is available as fast as you need it (if you use Tactical Team to redistribute). By contrast, a regenerative shield's native shield healing is usually not high enough to compete with the use of a few sci Boff slots for recharging the shields.

Now. I know there are many people who believe the opposite: "Regenerative shields would be better for a sci ship or carrier because the native healing just gives you that extra shield heal you need, and in any longer battle, you will not reach the cap of a high capacity shield using your shield heals anyway. Also, a sci ship or carrier has a better capacity to begin with, due to the higher shield modifier."

What is your opinion on the matter, and how have you come to it?

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If your running high shield power and high aux you should be running regenerative shields. High regen rate plus the resistance combined with transfer shield strength and emergency power to shields makes for a tough shield

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You've already got my piece on this.

And a supplement point. Check that other thread :p

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how about both?

the maco shield is a great balance of both with a passive 10% reduction of all energy damage...(which is kind of like a 10% cap bonus)

and then augment that on a sci ship or carrier with the capacity or regen fit your playstyle.

have fun kill bad guys!


Archived Post 06-06-2012 03:55 PM

The problem with that is, the + regen consoles are Terrible, not just bad but Terrible.

Archived Post 06-06-2012 04:01 PM

nu uh mav. i tested it. instead of every 6 sec regen its every 5 sec. and 3 consoles is every 4. over time (which is what regen shielding is all about) it can be pretty cool.... that is a 50% increase in overall shield regens. from 10 a minute, to 15 a minute.

gotta have that tac team on standby tho, you'll get spiked.

(btw, this is all old data, maybe......5-6 patches ago. but i think it still holds....)

Archived Post 06-06-2012 04:05 PM

Thing is, a Shield Power console will do the same thing for you, and it will boost your passive SR. And shield power consoles are Terrible right now at their meager +3.5

Unless you are within 3 points of max shield power a shield power console is always going to be better than the shield regen console.

Now if you are pegging max -constantly- then it might get more interesting. That being said however, it's regen is still going to be vastly inferior to a Regen Shield's regeneration rate. (let alone one with say 3 of those consoles, and one Generator, running within 3 of max shield power) Also, when Extends is put into the equation, that 10 percent extra SR from Maco is almost irrelevant. (as you are going to be pegging max SR anyway)

Unfortunately however the lolcryptic turned them into sci consoles, which means they compete with Particle Generators consoles which are very handy if you are running TBR, or PSW3. (Or even GW if you are a tac) On a -typical- carrier however they make a better choice, since carriers really aren't offense boats.

Archived Post 06-06-2012 04:56 PM

hrm, idunno mav.....i think someone should throw some testing time back into this after the next patch. my experiences with the regen consoles are about average. and yet your experience seems to be that they had little to no impact.

and no, they sure arent on par with the offensively attuned sci consoles....

but to my are correct....since you should be pegging 125 shield power when in defensive mode therefore maxing your resists anyway.....getting more regen out of them is not a bad way to go.

damn game. thank goodness there are still a few thinkers around.

Archived Post 06-06-2012 06:26 PM

as one of the older sci players in the game, maco all the way. unless you want to run a 4 piece borg set.

Archived Post 06-06-2012 08:01 PM

Cov and Reg

All depends on build, pug, premade, and the skill of the player...

Nothing is set in stone.

I will say this, as a Carrier pilot in my opinion you have 2 options.

REG if you want to beat 99% of the players in game, nothing you canít shield tank until one of the 1% of STO vets that has SNB or A tac captain that has been cloaked watching your rotation. Either of the 2 escort will spike a reg carrier to quick for a reaction or take a huge chunk of a carrier leaving it vulnerable for another pass while the captain reset his alpha.

COV YOu get supreme alpha denial but leaves you a little weaker than reg solo, as others have said before multi escorts will out dps you attempt to stay alive, this might take awhile but without support you will eventually die a slow grinding death.
...........Here is the 2 exception- Premades: Why, with the consistent cross heals your want the max amount of shield HP so cross healing doesnít top off. Giving the opponent more shield hp to get through; And BORG 3 set with COV shields as a eng captain, is the other exception. Why, you have enough res and shield reg you want the MAX amount of cap to top of that 16-20k shields.

That my advice, Good Luck

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