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Archived Post 06-10-2012 06:42 AM

Otional Dialog as done in Audacious Accusations
I recently had the pleasure to review "Audacious Accusations" where they had a room full of people and one transports you to the next map. I got to thinking about this and was curious how you could or can do the following;

Have the option to speak with 7 or 8 people in a room (map) and then the last character you speak with sends you to the next map. If you do a "complete all", you get stuck talking to all the people. I tried this layout but it had weird effects (as usual);
Enter Map
Complete ALL
Talk to Sue |----------------------| Talk to stranger
Talk to Bob |----------------------| Next Map
Talk to Fred
Talk to Joe
Next Map
End Complete ALL
So basically You talk to Sue, Bob, Fred and Joe then go to the next map or you talk to the stranger and go but not both. When you place the map at the bottom you are stuck talking to everyone. Mission impossible?

Archived Post 06-10-2012 04:20 PM

It's challenging to pull off, but not impossible. There are basically two ways to do it, both of which require using default text for the contacts rather than making speaking with the contacts actual objectives.

The actual objective to transport would be either to "go to the transporter room" (or other location) or to interact with a console which was blocked by a force field or invisible wall (or alternatively, go to a reach marker that was blocked similarly). In the first strategy, the trick is that the player wouldn't know to go to the transporter room (no waypoint set, and ambiguous mission objective) until they talk to the right contact.

In the second strategy, not only would they not know, but access would be blocked until the right contact was spoken to. The problem with blocking with invisible walls or force fields is that if you want multiple ways of triggering the "leave the map" objective, then you need to have multiple entries to the denied area (such as two doors, each blocked by a force field, one of which drops after each combination is achieved).

An example of this in progress would be the following: The actual objective to leave the map is to return to the hallway outside, but the objective is named "Gather information on the situation." and the waypoint is set to hidden. Talking to Sue, Bob, Fred and Joe would trigger a dialogue pop-up based on component complete with all of them selected. That pop-up would tell you that you have enough information, and should return to the hallway to beam out. Talking to the stranger would also give you that information (in that case there's no need for a separate pop-up, you can just include the information in his default text).

Alternatively, you could have the end mission objective to go to another room connected to the room where the contacts is. It would be accessible via two doors, each of which is blocked by a force field. Achieving either of the contact combinations would cause one force field to lower, and the player would also be given the instruction to go to that room to beam out.

Archived Post 06-11-2012 11:19 AM

Thanks Nagorak, I will give this a go... assuming they don't kill all our triggers. ;)

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