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=/\= 7th M.A.C.O Fleet =/\=
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7th M.A.C.O Fleet

It is late 2409 and starfleet is facing the prospect of yet another year of war, Enemy after Enemy has knocked on its door and the Federation has done its best to withstand whatever blows they land, however its resources are being stretched to breaking point and Starfleet Intelligence Estimates the Collapse of The Entire Alpha Quadrant in less than 3 Years!

With this information Starfleet Command Initiates a Programme to Form Elite Fleets from all across the Federation. Their Purpose.....To Get The Job Done!

The 7th M.A.C.O Fleet was One of those Elits Groups that were formed. This new fleet would be comprised of veterans from various duty stations all across the Federation who had proven themselves time and time again in their respective fields. Together they will combat this new threat and bring an end to the destruction and hatred that are spreading throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. The 7th M.A.C.O Fleet sits on the border with Klingon Space and therefore acts as a First Line of Defence.

About Us:

We are a small but active group of individuals who enjoy many aspects of STO! We have individuals who enjoy STF's, PvE, PvP and Role-Play! We are a casual lot and therefore there are no Forced attendance events etc! We ask that you treat others with the same dignity and courtesy that you would expect and that you have fun! As season 6 is on the horizon, which many fellow STO members are aware of, we are looking for Experienced Individuals to help with fleet construction and Defense!

If you ware interested let us know, either by submitting an application over at our website or by messaging us in-game!


Good Hunting!

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hitomicz82 07-08-2012 11:40 AM


known as KBol or TPal etc etc is maybe even hacked account but definitely he is thief and lier. watch your fleet banks folks

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