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Archived Post 06-14-2012 11:03 AM

Heavy Escort Carrier Available
The brand-new Federation Heavy Escort Carrier: Armitage Class is now available in the C-Store. Check out this Blog to read more about it, and this Blog for information on how to command a carrier.

Link to the C-Store.

Archived Post 06-14-2012 11:11 AM

might wanna hold off posting brannie until the ship is actually fit for holodeck, might cause some rage on the forums with your post :p

Archived Post 06-14-2012 11:12 AM

yes wooooo!

Archived Post 06-14-2012 11:15 AM

There are also reports that it cannot mount the scorpion fighters... I bet it has to do with the flags it has, both the STFs and the inability to use the scorpions.

Archived Post 06-14-2012 11:16 AM

Umm, just not that right now its a bit broken.
  • You can't take it into STF's.
  • You can't mount Stalkers on it (although it might be intentional, the dev patch notes are a bit vague.)
The first is supposed to be fixed tonight, the second, I'd like a Dev to reply on if possible.

Archived Post 06-14-2012 11:18 AM

Yay more broken crap to buy!

Archived Post 06-14-2012 11:19 AM

Cryptic, do something about QA!
Stop the epic fails, you never are going to gain our trust again if you keep with this record.

Archived Post 06-14-2012 11:22 AM

The problem is that the ship is designated as a new class, Escort Carrier. Items like consumable fighters are tagged to work only with certain classes of ships to prevent shuttles or fighters to use them, and have not been updated to include this new class.

Archived Post 06-14-2012 11:23 AM

Shame on you Cryptic.

There are other things that are needed more desperatly than another carrier.

Archived Post 06-14-2012 11:23 AM


Originally Posted by Blitzy
  • You can't mount Stalkers on it (although it might be intentional, the dev patch notes are a bit vague.)

The tooltip for the stalkers state that it can be used on a "Carrier", while the other fighters can be used on "Carrier, Escort Carrier". I believe it is working as designed :)


Brandon =/\=

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