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Archived Post 06-15-2012 06:31 AM

Cure Ground Elite Bugged?
My fleet just did a Ground run on Elite of Cure and it was the most interesting run yet I have to say, to start with the worker drones keep spawning one after another at all the nodes as soon as you start to kill the first drone the next is coming at the node. Knock back does not work on the work drones till after each gate is down, (yes we got all the gates down even with the bug so its do-able) at one time I had 8 worker drones on node one, thank god for grenades and the Ophidain cane, stopping them but they come from all sides and don't stop coming till the gate is down. The next interesting thing to happen in the run is the workers spawn at about 15m away from the nodes yet they jump all the way to the nodes if you knock them down then they jump right back to the nodes, frustrating when trying to attack and they just move from spot one to spot to in a flash. The STF was completed but the bugs were clear and affected overall game play. Not sure to be fair if it is a bug or a new way for Cure to be done but I have not read anything saying so.

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