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Archived Post 06-16-2012 12:31 AM

Jemhadar ship buil?
Im not new but Im looking for the best DPS way of getting to be maxed.

So far what im running is

Omega engines and shield with a borg deflector.


3xAP turrets

1xBorg module

3 mags
1 quantum chamber

Field gen.

Boff layout.
Com. tact

LT com. tact.

LT universal eng.

LT universal SCI

Ensign engineer

I will be respecing as well just want some ideas.

scipher 07-09-2012 09:45 PM

I have a jem too you seem to have a good build going on there.I my self use 4 DHC polaron MK XII and 3 MK XII turrets with 4 polaron MK XII consoles,borg console in sci,2 MK XII electrometalic,1 MK XII Monotanium,and MK XII SIF console all Purples.I'm not big on torpedoes I find I do alot more consistant damage with all energy with all my buff to keep power at 125 all the time.

foundrelic 07-11-2012 11:27 PM

Drop the Quantum chamber and load in a Prefire chamber. Quantums are going to hit hard even without a dedicated console especially if you're Spread/HY 3'ing them, your cannons can always use more oomph to get through those shields and tear a nice hole into the enemies hull.

dracounguis 07-12-2012 11:36 AM

If you don't mind grinding, 2 of the Jem'hadar engine/deflector/shield set gives you a 7.6% damage bonus for polaron weapons. 7.6% isn't alot, but is an increase for dps from some non-weapon equipment

Then you can grind out the Phased Polaron dual cannons for the above bonus plus you'll have the polaron and tetryon weapon procs.

Unfortunately no Phased Polaron turrets out there.

Upside is you don't have to spend any Di or EC for the gear or Phased Polaron stuff.
Buying some +xx% Polaron consoles & turrets might be a bit pricy or take some Di to craft.

That's what I got on my Bug

theshinoko 07-16-2012 06:22 AM

I prefer Polaron Weapons, Jem'Hadar Engine, Deflector & MACO Shields. Thanks PWE for the new extra tact console on my bug ship! :)

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