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Archived Post 06-17-2012 10:26 PM

Counter Attack
Aloha All,

I have completed my first foundry mission and it is now open to the community. This mission was supposed to be 1. Fun, 2. Challenging, and 3. promote team play.

Mission Name: Counter Attack
Faction: KDF

Mission Summary: With the Klingon Empire involved in conflicts with the Federation, Borg, and Undine. The Romulan Star Empire attempts to regain lost territory in a surprise attack on the H'Atoria System.


1. This is NOT a normal Romulan mission. It is difficult, you must have a team in order to be successful.

2. For those who normally play missions on elite, try this on normal first. Previously several elite players have attempted this and failed. Normal is tough and fun; Elite must be a team full of experienced players.

3. This mission has space and ground combat. All aspects are difficult.

Counter Attack (FED)

Mission is in the review stage and doesn't appear as difficult as the KDF. Although the same exact numbers of enemy forces were placed.

The Federation side may actually be completed solo, but should be challenging.

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