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Archived Post 06-18-2012 07:23 PM

Resolution Stuck
I'm having an odd problem. My Resolution will NOT change to what it needs to be. Right now it's at 1900x1080 @ 29hz and refuses to change to anything in the same resolution range.

I can change to other resolutions but the 1080 range is stuck at 29hz. This makes the game play rather poorly. While not unplayable, my system can run this game very well and things have worked wonderfully in the past.

What is going on here? I tried a Force Verify via launcer and verified via Steam to no avail. I run a HD 5770 graphics card with the 12.3 drivers. I guess I could try the 12.4 drivers but they have a negative effect on several other games I play.

Any help would be nice XD

jayfresh11 07-02-2012 01:18 AM

I had the same issue also. I actually had to change the resolution on my computer before playing the game. I played it on 1366x768, until I messed with the troubleshooting controls. If you haven't already, go to options/video/troubleshooting. When I first discovered them, I realized I was playing on directx 9 and not 11. I also was able to increase my video memory limit to 1024mb +, that helped out a lot. I play on 1080p with very little lag. I have all my details set at 200%, and play on high quality. The only times I see a little bit of lag is at the academy.

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