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outllaw 06-20-2012 06:46 AM

Revisit, rescue, and prepare!
Hello once again STO community! I'd like to highlight once again my foundry mission "Dead in Space"

I released it shortly after foundry went live and I have just once again retouched it and cleaned up some errors and such. The main reason I wanted to throw this out here again was the second part; "Hope and Prey" is soon to go live. I've hit the 90% completion mark and am really looking forward to the feedback, I was blown away by the first one's reception.

Mission: "Dead in Space"
Author: Outllaw
Faction: Federation
Level: All Access (will be considerably more difficult for lower ranks)
Completion time: 20-30 minutes

As always feedback is welcome and taken into consideration! Now get out there and find that ship!

Dead in Space HD Trailer

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