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latinumbar 06-20-2012 11:49 AM

== 44th Fleet ==
== 44th Fleet ==

Fleet Website:
Recruitment video, Supplemental video

44th is casual fleet of Star Trek fans and gamers (18+) joined together to explore the universe and enjoy all aspects of Star Trek Online. Our community welcome new players, as well as veterans to join us with goal of enhancing your (and our) game experience through support and friendly atmosphere. We have been around since Beta and launch of the game and are still having fun and good time with content the game developers are bringing to us.
Federation aligned fleet structured according to the Starfleet ranking system.
Tier 5 fleet. With all holdings completed, our members have access to all fleet space and ground equipment that are currently available. We also have enough fleet provisions in stock for all your needs. I want to thank every members that helped in achieving this!
44th Assault Squadron. We also have a fully completed Tier 5 fleet for your Kdf or Kdf allied Romulan/Reman characters.


Fleet teaming. We team up for PvE or PvP on daily basis. Take your ship on a fleet run to get your daily Dilithium dose as well as Reputation or Fleet marks. I discovered it is more enjoyable doing it with fleet as it is more relaxed, fun (no one will call you "noob".. instead you will get an advice) and all stf-s are finished more quickly.
Fleet events. We organize many fleet events which make the game experience rich and enjoyable. Most famous is Fleet Olympics, PvP tournament where we have fun fighting each other in arena. It is friendly to new players so a great opportunity for them to learn and gain experience. There are more events planned this year.
Fleet crafting. We will have our members specialized in each crafting school so they can supply us with unique equipment.

Ask for help. Members of the fleet will share their knowledge of game mechanics, providing you with advice on space/ground gear, help with choosing and setting your ship or answering any distress calls concerning "I'm stuck" situations of STO world. (We don't charge for use of tractor beams or emergency transports if you ever mysteriously find yourself in a prison cell next to Talaxian chef trying to teach you his secret cooking recipes).


Chat channel. It is used to connect FED and KDF fleet so members can communicate with each other no matter which character they play.
Fleet forum. Forum is place where our members can socialize outside of STO. It is active and can be used to discuss different topics ranging from Star Trek Online tactics or activity, Star Trek universe and off-topic talk. Note that our forum is created 3 years ago so there are a lot of valuable information, suggestions, help topics and advice on many different builds and gameplay styles.
Teamspeak. We have Teamspeak server available but you are not required to use it.

There is NO need to report weekly/monthly to senior officers as we don't have requirements in term of commitment. You can be afk as we understand players have real lives.

=Join the 44th Fleet=

If you want to join our community, make sure you read the Rules and Regulations.
Follow the application instructions to become the full member of the 44th.
Welcome and have fun!

If you have more questions, in game contacts are:

latinumbar 06-20-2012 11:55 AM

=Fleet events=

Fleet Daily PvE Teaming
- Organized team-ups where fleet members queue for PvE content of the game in order to obtain Omega, Romulan, Dyson, Undine, Delta and Fleet marks with daily bonus, as well as precious Dilithium.
- With recent changes and addition of Upgrade system, we are having increased activity in PvE team-ups in order to get Very Rare crafting materials as they are needed to improve the quality of our space and ground gear. Lets help each other in getting them.
- Doing it with fleet guarantees you will fly your favorite ship in friendly environment, relaxed atmosphere and have fun along the way. By communicating during the runs, new members will have all advices they need in order to learn the basics of those missions. There are a lot of threads on our forum where you can find help with outfitting your ship or choosing specific gear that will help too.

Fleet Olympics
- The Fleet Olympics is 1 versus 1, PvP tournament where members of the fleet have fun bashing each-other ship hulls. Event can help you test your build, tactics and receive useful advice to upgrade and improve.
- Space battle test that's free to join and totally voluntary. Teamspeak is recommended to use but not required. The matches can be played on any and all space maps, Briar Patch is recommended.
- We are honored to host event like this as it takes the best out of our members and brings the fleet closer together. Everyone showed great deal of sportsmanship and friendliness so far so we will continue organizing it in different formats and timings.
- This event brings prizes too! More information, as well as tournament rules can be find on members part of our fleet forum.

Fleet Sightseeing Screencap Contest
- Fleet forum event! Post a screencap of your travels, the weird, strange the horrid or just a beautiful view "out there". Can, but doesn't have to be an action picture. We're just going for the travel brochure add now, you get the idea. Key is you have to boldly go out there to find it. It can be a screenshot from a mission (official or foundry) or just a view you stumble upon venturing out there (Romulus underground, a hidden corner of our Fleet mine, Vulcan mountaintop etc etc). It has to be something unique, nice or ugly, something you'd want to travel to see, if only once.
- When we get access to Delta Quadrant, plan is to explore it and find some really unique locations that were never seen before. Be first and discover the unknown!
- It's a fleet contest opened to all members - everyone can post one screenshot, the winner and runner-up will be chosen by votes from the fleet and receive a reward. More info can be find on members part of our fleet forum.

latinumbar 06-20-2012 01:25 PM


allysnowleopard 06-20-2012 07:28 PM

44th Fleet VA RedShirtJohnson Reporting for duty!
Welcome all, new, old and those lost in the void.

vkfphoenixlord 06-21-2012 06:50 AM

Hello all.

Latinumbar - how do I upload my old sigpic and/or Avatar?

latinumbar 06-21-2012 11:17 AM

Howdy PL. I left instructions for you in your fleet thread.

I guess when PWE gives you lemons, the best you can do is make lemonade.

vkfphoenixlord 06-22-2012 06:10 AM

Thanks but I am sorry. I don't know where to find the User control panel.

latinumbar 06-22-2012 10:33 AM

There's a banner of 4 links right below the heading of the forums and where it says "welcome, <insert forum name>". One of the links is User CP

intrepid44th 06-22-2012 11:15 AM

Im sad because I cant use my ole' Intrepid name... gotta add a 44th to the end.

latinumbar 06-22-2012 11:28 AM

UGH. Am i the only one that was able to save his original name? Sad panda am I. :frown:

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