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cormactheblue 06-21-2012 07:46 AM

Foundry missions not publishing
Forget this post, I was not registered to review...duhhhhhhhh
I have two foundry missions that I created and neither has published:

Opening the can

Closing the can

I did hit publish and I waited until it said completed. I received an email stating the missions had published. This was on the 15 of July. I re-published the fist mission last night. I still am unable to find the mission on-line in the community.

Is there suppose to be a waiting period before the mission is available, and if so how long. Everything I have been reading leads me to believe the mission should be available right away.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

designationxr377 06-21-2012 08:28 AM

Until your mission is played and rated 5 times it can only be seen if you have "Become Reviewer" selected under the Community Authored Tab. Selecting that should solve your problem.

Your missions are published, you just can't see them.

drogyn1701 06-21-2012 08:29 AM

There shouldn't be any delay. You will not be able to see them if you are not signed up as a reviewer. A mission has to get 5 reviews before it can be seen by everyone. There should be a button near where you search for missions that says something like "become a reviewer."

If you are a reviewer, check to see if you are on character that's high enough level to see the mission. The mission level is determined by the species of enemy you use. Klingons are all-level, Romulans/Remans are 16+, Borg are 46+ etc. You can check that by looking at the main mission description page in the Foundry.

Hope this helps.

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