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synkr0nized 06-21-2012 08:45 AM

Chat / System Messages and Translations

If someone with one of the foreign [to me] language options does an emote, it's written in their language on my end. For example, if a German player does, say, the snake dance I will see the following:

[timestamp] [Local] character@handle: Ssssssssss!

[timestamp] character@handle tanzt den Schlangentanz mit Stammgast.

Likewise, with ship winning messages and the like they'll sometimes be in another language as they fly by.

Shouldn't text be translated based on the client's language choice? In other words, if I do an emote, it should be English on my screen and German on the screen of someone using that language, French on another player's screen if that's what they're using, etc. As it is now it appears to just push whatever language setting the player is using to everyone, and that seems a little backwards.

This is quite a minor thing, though, in the grand scheme.

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