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STO Dev Chat - Thursday October 8, 2009 11:30 a.m. PDT
This week's dev chat has been moved to Thursday, October 8, 2009 at 11:30 a.m. PDT.* We’ll be holding a developer’s chat in the official Star Trek Online IRC chat!*
This week's chat will focus both on Player Progression and Ship Tiers. You can submit your question on either of those threads to be answered during the chat.
The chat is scheduled to last 30 minutes. If you can’t make it due to time constraints, we’ll be posting a transcript of the chat on the forums.
If you’d like to join us, point your IRC program of choice toward #STO on, or click right here for a Java client, then type "/join #STO" in the input area. And if you can’t make it, just reply with your question in this post’s comment thread. We’ll be selecting questions from the thread to put to the developers.

Link to the news article.

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Two things:
(a) The links in your post are broken. The Player Progression and Ship Tiers links don't seem to work when the post is viewed in the forum, but do appear to work on the front page. Oddness, but it appears to have lost the last bit, the =### bit.

(b) Is the 'Ask Cryptic' about Player Progression being changed to being part of the dev chat instead or are we still going to get those questions answered before the dev chat as a normal Ask Cryptic article?

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My question is:

Will Admiral level game-play be significantly different than lower ranking game-play. And if not, then why not?

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  • How big is the performance gap between lower tiered ships and tier 4 ships? Will a tier 2 ship be useful in tier 4 content without having to be overly dependent on other tier 4 ships? This is not to ask if a tier 2 ship can solo tier 4 content, but is it even useful or would we be better off in a tier 4 ship?
  • It has been said that the ships within each configuration are differentiated by the Bridge Officer seats (i.e. an Akira might have more tactical seats than a Norway) does this mean that as we gain access to higher tiered ships we can become more and more specialized?
  • The Ask Cryptic on player progression said that we will gain access to higher tiered ships by "purchasing" that access through skills. It is clear we will need to invest points in each role (Science, Escort, and Cruiser) if we want to use ships of a different role, but do we gain access to all ships in that configuration or do we have to "purchase" access individually?
  • We know that higher tiered ships give us access to more Bridge Officer seats and that they become more specialized, will we have a pool of Bridge Officers large enough to command the tier 4 ships in all the branches (Science, Escort, Cruiser) without any sacrifices?
  • The SoL list shows 13 configurations, we've been told there will be 16. Are the missing 3 configurations all tier 4 ships?
  • Will the player ships for the Klingons be organized along the same lines of visual distinctiveness for each configuration? i.e. will each ship class in one configuration look like the other classes?
  • Most of the Iconic ships appear to be in game many of which are at the lower tiers, will future ships added to the game be new Cryptic designs? Will the new ships all be tier 4 or will they be spread out?
  • Will the Klingons have Gorn, Orion or Nausicaan ships? If so will they be present in each tier?
  • How will progression and xp accumulation work for Bridge Officers? It was said that their trees will be similar, but more limited.
  • Is there room for expansion in the ranks?
  • How do the Klingon ranks work?
  • Is there a minimum number of Bridge Officers required to command each tier of ship? If so will we have earn enough of them before unlocking the next tier of ships to command that tier immediately?
  • The Zam articles said our BO's will be able to attain the rank of Commander. Is this correct? Give that we will be able to be Admirals it would seem more logical to have at least one BO at the rank of Captain.

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EDIT: Moved my question to the other thread. :cool:

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Ask your questions on ship tiers in this thread this thread.

Ask your questions on player progression in this thread.

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Originally Posted by dudewhat (Post 812345)
Ask your questions on ship tiers in this thread this thread.

Ask your questions on player progression in this thread.

Oh, thanks!

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Since the dev chat will now be on 2 topics shouldn't it be increased to 1 hour long? 30 minutes answering questions about player progression and 30 minutes answering questions about ship tiers? You could switch out devs half way through when the topic of the questions changes.

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My question has to do with equipment/ weapon upgrades. Will the equipment and skills received at higher ranks still be used should you wish to pilot a ship you acquired at a lower rank. In other words, are your skills locked into the level of the ship or are they only limited to the specs. of the specific ship and its terminals, mass, etc?

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Actually this thread is also full of 20 pages of questions about Player Progression Awen. You have 3 topics now all asking for questions for this dev chat. In total so far they have 26 pages of questions already. If you count this thread this is 4 dev made threads on the same 30 minute dev chat. Don't forget this thread has questions for this dev chat too Awen.

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