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kalecto 06-22-2012 12:02 PM

[Fleet] Ferasan Shadow Force
MOTW: Let's focus on projects that rewards 1000 XP, following those check our provisions (we may not need provisions at all from some projects), then go for the. projects which are the easiest to fill

Greetings from the Shadowcats!

With the help of four others I created a casual Ferasan only fleet, just for your Ferasan alts and I gave "Leader" permissions to the other four members who helped me create the fleet, however one did leave at a later date.

I also gave the same leader permissions to three others who joined (who I know I can trust) so there's seven of us in total running this fleet at present.

The fleets become very successful, with members who're are helpful, active and willing to team up for fleet activities on a regular basis! :)

We've been socialising a lot, dancing, talking, getting to know each other, and generally having fun! Gameplay coverage consists of teaming up for story based PvE missions, sortie missions, for PvP and STF missions. We also have a few players who're are really into roleplaying and Foundry mission creation.

Feel free to sign up on this website here:

Optional Use:

  • FSF Roster Total: 223

    All Avatar & Signature Images can be found here: Link

    Move your mouse cursor over the downward pointing arrow located in the top right corner of each image, click download.

    Type the following before and after your signature image without the ! symbol to link to this thread...

    [url=]Insert Image[/URL!]

  • Ranks:

    • Cub: Acquired from joining.
    • Shadowcat Resident: 7 day membership.
    • Shadowcat Hunter: 30 day membership & either 25k Starbase FC or 15k Embassy FC.
    • Shadowcat Lead Hunter: 60 day membership & either 50k Starbase FC or 40k Embassy FC.
    • Shadowcat Beta: 180 day membership & either 1m Starbase FC or 750k Embassy FC.
    • Shadowcat Alpha: Proven trust or former Master.
    • Shadowcat Master: Unattainable.

  • Bank Repositories (Click the links below to see examples of what goes in each repository):

    1. Commodities - These items are highly valued for DOff assignments.
    2. Craftin Samples - Everything you need for R&D.
    3. Craftin and DOffs - DOff Cadre packs, Tribbles and other items used for assignments.
    4. G Consumables - Anything that can be consumed.
    5. G VRare Mk X Up - Purple coloured armor, kits, shields and weapons.
    6. S Consumables - Anything that can be consumed.
    7. S VRare Mk X Up - Purple coloured consoles, deflectors, engines, shields and weapons.
    8. Special Items - C-Store items, Reward Packs, and anything really special.

    Only Mk X, XI and XII items are wanted in the ground and space repositories.

    When you choose your specialist rank after promotion from Shadowcat Initiate, you will unlock new fleet bank permissions, which will be different depending on which specialization you've chosen. You'll also unlock the ability to create events via the in game fleet UI window.

    Standard withdraw limits below for each fleet bank repository, followed by the bonus you get from your specialist rank.

    Commodities - 10 per day.
    Craftin - 10 per day.
    Craftin and DOffs - 1 per day.
    G Consumables - 10 per day.
    G VRare Mk X Up - 1 per day.
    S Consumables - 10 per day.
    S VRare Mk X Up - 1 per day.
    Special Items - 1 per day.

    • Crafting Specialist gets a x2 bonus to "Craftin and DOffs" and x5 bonus to "Craftin Samples" w/d limits.
    • Ground Specialist gets a x2 bonus to "G VRare Mk X Up" and x5 bonus to "G Consumables" w/d limits.
    • Roleplay Specialist gets a x2 bonus to "Special Items" and x5 bonus to "Commodities" w/d limits.
    • Space Specialist gets a x2 bonus to "S VRare Mk X Up" and x5 bonus to "S Consumables" w/d limits.

    Shadowcat Elite w/d limits are the same as above but all unlocked.

  • Global Chat Channel:

    • Press Esc, click Chat Settings, Channels tab and ask to join CatPhone (info link)
    • Press Esc, click Chat Settings, Channels tab and type TFBB to join (info link)

  • Motos:

  • Screenshots:

    • Ferasan Shadow Force 22nd May 2012 (click).
    • Ferasan Shadow Force 26th May 2012(click).
    • Ferasan Shadow Force 27th May 2012(click).
    • Ferasan Shadow Force 28th May 2012(click).
    • Ferasan Shadow Force 3rd June 2012(click)

  • Fleet Member KDF Foundry Missions (info link):

    • Silence of the Targs (info link)
    • Where Angels Fear to Tread (info link)
    • Death Clock (info link)
    • Romulan Zoo
    • Klingon Beach
    • The Admiral's Gopher
    • Hollow Justice
    • Trembler I
    • Trembler II
    • Trembler III
    • Crouching Ty'Gokor Hidden Demon
    • The Hunter Killer
    • The Prisoner
    • Infiltration Point
    • Into the Nightmare
    • The Fire In Which We Burn
    • Scorched Fur
    • Counter Attack
    • Sabre Toothed
    • Ferasa



sirepical 06-22-2012 10:05 PM

Why is your name kalecto instead of Alecto or even alecto?

On a different note, I finished the Omega Elite set, so now I'm both Honor Guard Elite Commander and Omega Force Shadow Operative. Also, I'd like to note that, titles need to be fixed so they don't show part of the title then "...", it's kind of annoying knowing people are just seeing part of the title.

27 FTW!

rickpaaa 06-22-2012 11:31 PM


Originally Posted by sirepical (Post 4369421)
Why is your name kalecto instead of Alecto or even alecto?

Because this really isn't a perfect world. :wink:

kalecto 06-23-2012 03:19 AM


Originally Posted by rickpaaa (Post 4370501)
Because this really isn't a perfect world. :wink:

Yup and alecto or similar variations of that name were not available for me to use, so I went with a little Klingon variation of it, at least I believe the 'k' makes it a little more Klingon. lol

...And congrats 1st!

I'll try to pass on that info about titles in game for you.

captainrevo1 06-23-2012 09:13 AM

bob also created a new page here

can you merge?

Anyway. Season 6 is now on tribble for testing. The starbases look pretty cool.

a couple of screenies

sector space

System space


Fleet UI

captainrevo1 06-23-2012 09:38 AM

keep in mind the starbase interior, exterior, and the shipyards and com arrays that orbit the shipyard all get upgraded as you go through the tiers, so expect them to get even better as we go along.

sirepical 06-23-2012 11:33 AM

Those Starbases look so cool. The KDF ones that is. The Fed ones look weak.

canis36 06-23-2012 11:56 AM

Hey, I'm kinda interested in signing up, but my anti-virus software is blocking your sign up page pretty hard and given the problems I've had with viruses on my last two computers I'm not so keen on disabling it. Is there somebody in-game I can talk to?

sirepical 06-23-2012 01:51 PM

I invited Canis after talking to him in-game, just so everyone knows. Funny character name by the way. xD

commadorebob 06-23-2012 03:30 PM

Fret not, cats. For I have returned from the beach!

Revo, nice pics!

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