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alexindcobra 06-22-2012 02:00 PM

Its time
I about time the Dreadnoughts get Lieutenant Commander Tac BOFF slot. Why should the Dreadnought be 2 full steps behind the escorts? The Escorts get commander level tac BOFF and LT Commander Level Engineering. When battling the escorts with the Dreadnought ,in this game it hard to go toe to toe because my offensive capabilities are not enough to last while trying to prevent my own destruction. They get to use Tac Team II and have too more BOFF slots to activate manuvers and use 3rd level Tac offensive powers. Dreadnought users who want to use Tac Team II, have to do without rapid firing his cannons and have no chance of using combat manuver powers.

anazonda 06-22-2012 02:02 PM

It's a cruiser... not a escort...

It's build to punch out damage, but take a beating too... It does both already, and is fine as it is.

(And yes, I have it and fly it on my eng).

hakaishinlegion 06-22-2012 02:13 PM

I fly it on my Tactical. I've slapped players in PvP for nearly 120k with my Lance. The ship really doesn't need it, but I can't say I'd be sad if I got one.

alexindcobra 06-23-2012 09:35 AM

Its more than just a cruiser. "Just a cruiser" don't have a cannons. Why give the ship cannons if you can't use them? The Devs gave it unreal turn rate( because in the Show the Galaxy Class didn't turn that slow), so you can't aim your cannons. If I use rapid cannon volley, I can't use I can't use Tac Team II to keep my foward shields up long enough to deal the opponant great damage. If I use Tac Team II, I'm stuck with slow cannon fire rate that barely scratches the shields of an opposing player. In the end, an escort will stay on your rear so you can't do much DPS to him with just beams, and you will not take much of a beating back there because this ship class shields suck in this game.

The lance is only a one shot deal that misses 70% perecent of the time. How does a weapon that big, miss at point blank range? That doesn't make any since at all. The recharge rate on it is too long. They need to knock a minute off of recharge time. I would not count the lance as a main weapon because the battle is over or you are dead before it charges up again.

Slapping around weak players don't count. There are plenty of noobs that venture in the pvp game and do nothing but die.
Its those PVP players from recognizable PVP Fleets where you will find it hard to beat or survive.

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